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1. How to create a Campaign?

2. How to personalise Campaigns?

3. How to see if your Campaign is working?

4. Can I check how my Campaign is doing?


How to create a Campaign?

  1. The first step is creating a Name for the Campaign 
  2. Add storefronts for your Campaign 
  3. Add Campaign Settings

Campaigns are activated once they have at least one store added and campaign settings configured!


How to personalise Campaigns?

Choose between:

  • Promotion Types: This allows you to choose a strategy that meets your business goals. These are retained from the previous versions of Boost. 
    • Automated: Strategies are selected by Boost. Growth Mode (optimizing for sales) or Balanced Mode (optimizing for take-home pay)
    • Custom: Personalize your settings such as Target Audience (New/All)  and Promotion Type (per Order/Item)
  • Discount Level: how aggressive should your discounts be.
  • Weekly Budget: you set the budget for your Campaigns - the value of all your promotions are counting towards the budget from the start date and if they exceed the budget, they are paused. If your budget is exceeded, but you’d still like to run the promotion, you can always increase it.
  • Duration: the selected time window, for which the campaign will remain active. Once a campaign passes its end date, it will be inactive. You can also choose an ongoing campaign that will run until you pause it or set an ending date. Schermata_2023-02-01_alle_11.22.47.png

How to see if your Campaign is working?

Check the following states:

  1. Active: promotions are active on all of the storefronts
  2. Inactive: the campaign has reached its end date
  3. Paused: paused by the operator, you can resume it anytime to make it active 


Can I check how my Campaign is doing?

We have a new Analytics page that now will show campaign-oriented performance. See the Sales, Discounts and ROI on each Campaign and see them ranked, to check which one is doing best. Schermata_2023-02-01_alle_11.26.07.png

We hope that this new Campaign Boost Update will be useful for you and generate more orders and profit!

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