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The Business Performance tab within Insights provides an overview of restaurant performance regarding sales and orders, intended to help you with making decisions about how to maximise your revenue. This includes things like how you are making money, what is the most profitable channel, ranking on delivery applications, and much more!


Features include:

Metric Cards for:

  • Gross Sales
  • Net Sales
  • Order Volume
  • Avg. Order Value

Universal filters:

  • Time
  • Brands/Stores
  • Channel
  • Fulfillment mode

Additional filters:

  • View: Default, Channel, Location, Brands and Order Ratings
  • Graph: Line, Area, Heat map
  • Data Set: 7-day rolling, Raw trend
  • Granularity: Hour, Day

Shareable URL’s to specific data with filters

  • When shared, other BM users of the same org will be able to view the same set of metrics and filters.

Example Image:

Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 2.39.15 PM.png

Table Columns: 

Column Details


Name of the Organization

Date Trend Line:

Shows the weekly trend and measures the current delta of the selected metric.

Order Count:

Quantity of orders sold

Gross Sales:

Total sales of a company, unadjusted for the costs related to generating those sales.

Net Sales:

The sum of gross sales minus its returns, allowances and discounts.


Average Order Volume


Example Image: 

Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 2.39.43 PM (1).png


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