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Kurt De La Rosa
Kurt De La Rosa
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Direct Orders is Otter’s commission-free online food ordering system solution that empowers restaurants to get orders through their own delivery channel. It works by setting up a webpage for customers to order and pay from that can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Via a custom URL (primarily for online ordering)
  2. Via custom QR Codes (primarily for in-store ordering)

Direct Orders is part of the Otter ecosystem and is fully compatible with the rest of our products and offerings. This includes:

  • Self-Serve Menu Management to create and manage the menus including photos.
  • Order Manager to manage orders alongside other channels
  • 86ing from Order Manager & Business Manager to keep item availability synced across all applicable channels
  • Insights & Analytics are fully supported and enriched with data for applicable reports
  • Merchant App hosted in Otter Business Manager to manage the Direct Orders storefront and payment settings
  • Storefront pausing/unpausing from Order Manager

Why should your restaurant use this?

There is a constant desire from restaurant owners around the world to take control of their own delivery. Currently, they are paying other delivery apps between 25%-40% of commission, leaving them with a small profit to run their operations. Direct Orders empower restaurants to get more sales through their own ordering channel and get incremental orders without paying any commission, rather than a flat monthly fee. With this solution, restaurant owners will own their customers' information, another differentiator that we will provide that food delivery apps do not. This will allow them to reach out directly to them with promotions and discounts to increase their loyalty. Direct Orders will also include a digital menu hosted on the restaurant’s own website that will help restaurants increase their online presence and use the digital menu with QR codes

With Direct orders we offer a solution that solves for:

  • Pick up
  • Take out
  • Dine-in
  • Delivery

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