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Split payments allow the eaters to split the bill at the end of the service by sending a split payment link to multiple participants/invitees. 

For the first version, the split payment feature will only be available specifically for Open Tab dine-in orders. In the future, we plan to extend it to other fulfillment modes.




  • Ability to enable or disable split payments (only available for dine-in Open Tab orders for v1).

  • Ability to set minimum basket size to enable splits.

  • Ability to set a max number of splits.


  • Ability to split tabs evenly between multiple participants.

  • Concept of tab owner who creates order and splits the bill.

  • Invitees can view the order and pay for the multiple splits.

  • Link shared via QR code, URL, and the device’s native sharing apps like messages, social media, etc.

  • Ability to view participants who have paid for a split.

  • Ability to view receipts based on the splits each eater pays.

Operators / Cooks

  • Ability to view orders that have split payments with the amount paid and the amount due.

  • Ability to refund in full or partially all split payment orders through Order Manager / Business Manager.


Split Payment - Video Walkthrough



Split Payment - Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Step Process Additional Information
1 Tab Owner goes to the payment screen. Screen_Shot_2022-11-17_at_5.09.02_PM.png
2 Tab Owner selects a payment method. Split_Payment_step_2.png
Tab Owner inputs card and contact information.
Tab Owner clicks Invite people to split the bill.
Tab Owner selects the number of people to split.
6 Tab Owner shares split payment link via QR code, copied link, or the device’s native sharing options like iMessage, WhatsApp, AirDrop, etc. Split_Payment_Step_6.png
Split Payer accesses the split payment link from the tab owner and clicks Continue to payment.
8 Split Payer is redirected to the payment page and clicks Select payment method. Split_Payment_Step_8.png
9 Split Payer selects a payment method. Split_Payment_Step_9.png
10 Split payer inputs card and contact information. Split_Payment_Step_10.png
11 Split Payer can select the number of splits, invite others and then pay. Split_Payment_Step_11.png
12 Split Payer goes to the receipt page. Split_Payment_Step_12.png
13 Tab Owner goes to the payment page and clicks view payments. Split_Payment_Step_13.png
Tab Owner views the split payments completed.
Note: Tips are not included in this view.
15 Tab Owner returns to the payment page and pays their split or the remaining amount. Split_Payment_Step_15.png


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