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Direct Orders Discounts allow merchants to create custom discounts to provide eaters with discounts when ordering from their Direct Orders site. Merchants can use these to reward loyal customers and offer promotions. With these strategies, restaurants can create a base of repeat customers who not only can bring repeat business, but also help promote the business through word of mouth and referrals.


Discount Creation

Merchants can create discounts in the Otter Marketing App with the following custom controls: 

  • Enter a unique discount code or have one auto-generated
  • Select which brands and stores the discount applies to
  • Select how the discount is applied
    • Dollars: a specified dollar amount of the subtotal
    • Percentage: a calculated portion of the subtotal
  • Select if the discount can be used multiple times or single-use
  • Set a start and optional end date for your discount
  • Specify the minimum basket value for the discount to be applicable



Discount Distribution

Once merchants have configured a coupon, they can distribute the discount to customers through an SMS text message or by displaying it in a banner on their store’s website.

download - 2023-09-18T160228.116.png


Sending Discounts to Customers via SMS

Step # Process Additional Info
1 Navigate to the distribution section and toggle “share discount via text message”. download - 2023-09-18T170504.336.png

Select an audience to target. Merchants can send text messages to:

  • All customers
  • Recent customers 
  • Active customers
  • Monthly orderers
  • Weekly orderers
  • Lapsed customers
2 - Sending Discounts.png

Select a send date for your text message. You can also opt to send text messages regularly if a customer joins the eligible audience.

Note: Customers can only receive one message every two weeks.


3a - sending discounts.png

3b - sending discounts.png

4 A custom message can be crafted as well. The SMS message will have a standard template that includes your store name, discount details, and a link to visit your restaurant where the coupon is auto-redeemed at checkout! 4 - sending discounts.png
5 Once you have all the details of your campaign filled out, click Create in the top right! 5 - sending discounts.png


Creating a Site Banner for Your Discount

Step # Process Additional Info
1 Navigate to the distribution section and toggle  “Display in menu banner”. 1 - site banner.png
2 Once you have all the details of your campaign filled out, click Create in the top right! Your restaurant’s website will now have a banner for your discount. You can have multiple discounts displayed in a carousel at the same time. 2 - site banner.png


Discount Management

Using the Otter Marketing App, merchants can also manage their existing discounts in the following ways:

  • Adjust some settings during the discount creation process shown above.
  • Deactivate discounts
  • View a summary of discount usage and sales metrics



Discount Redemptions and Usage

Restaurants can also monitor how many discounts are being redeemed with the Direct Orders Discounts dashboard. The dashboard provides information at a glance, so the restaurants can make adjustments to their discount promotions accordingly to hit their business goals.



Eater App

Eaters can redeem the merchant discounts at the restaurant’s Direct Order page. They will be able to enter the discount code to redeem a single discount at checkout, see the discounted value of the discount, and the discount line item displayed at checkout and on the receipt.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay extra to send SMS messages to my customers?

No. This feature comes included in the cost of your subscription and will allow you to make customers aware of any promotions you are running and entice them to place an order.

How do I make sure I’m not spamming my customers?

We have safeguards in place to make sure that we are being thoughtful with our customer communications. Customers can only receive one message every two weeks maximum.

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