Digital Dine-In: QR Codes

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Kala Haley
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Provide a great dine-in experience and streamline your restaurant’s operations with the Digital Dine-in solution. Here’s how Digital Dine-in ordering works: 

  1. A guest sits down at their table and scans a Digital Dine-in QR code to view your ‘Online Ordering’ menu.
  2. The guest enters their specific table number, which is located on the Digital Dine-in QR Code table tent.
  3. The guest can browse the menu, add items to their cart, and pay.
  4. The order is sent right to your Otter tablet with their order details and table number.
  5. If enabled, ‘Open Tabs’ allows your guests to open a tab where they can order continuously throughout their meal and pay when they’re done. 

Follow these best practices to ensure that you have the best experience with your Digital Dine-in QR Codes: 

  • Ensure QR Code Visibility: Place a table tent in the middle of each table to ensure visibility and ease of use for guests. 
  • Replace Physical Menus: Digital Dine-in QR Codes can be used to easily access a digital form of your restaurant's menu. You can update your menu in real-time without replacing your QR Codes. 
  • Use a Hybrid Ordering Model: Utilize your servers and Digital Dine-in QR Codes to increase customer engagement. This model lets guests choose their ideal ordering experience, saves on labor costs, and increases server take-home pay. 


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