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Kala Haley
Kala Haley
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Eater Fees enables you to configure a percentage service fee for each fulfillment mode through the Direct Orders app in Otter Business Manager. Passing service fees to eaters is standard practice and a common feature for most direct-to-consumer solutions.



  • Configure a percentage-based service fee for each fulfillment mode: Dine-in, Pickup, and Delivery.
  • Service fees appear in Order Manager, printed receipts, and when viewing an order in Order History.
    • Business Manager is not fully supported yet and the service fee will not appear as a column in Analytics > Reports. It will be included in the order total column.
    • It will not be injected into POS as a separate line item but added to totals.

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  • Service fee is visible as a line item during the checkout process.
  • Service fee is calculated based on the subtotal.
  • Visible on the receipt page.

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