Auto-Accept Orders vs. Manual Orders

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All orders are automatically accepted on your behalf. Orders will follow the prep time you have set for that delivery partner once they are accepted. For example, all incoming orders are automatically accepted with 15 minutes to prepare the order if your prep time is set to 15 minutes under Auto-Accept

Any order that is automatically accepted will have a notification popup similar to what’s shown below.


You will need to manually accept each incoming order. A notification popup similar to what’s shown below will appear upon receiving an order. The Manual Orders feature also allows your restaurant to create a record of every order fulfilled, including ones that customers call in for or submit through other non-integrated avenues (Phone Calls, Text Messages, etc.). Lear more in Using Manual Orders.

Turn Auto-Accept On/Off

Navigate to the menu icon (☰) in the top left-hand corner of your screen. From the dropdown, click on Integrations. You can update each delivery partner to either Manual Accept or AutoAccept by clicking on the ON/OFF toggle button under Auto-Accept. The help text will indicate what it’s currently set to.



Screen_Shot_2020-08-25_at_10.36.53_AM.png Screen_Shot_2020-08-25_at_10.36.28_AM.png


Note: It’s possible to set some delivery partners to manual-accept and others to auto-accept. This customization is up to you. 


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