Can I make my cloud (hardwired) printer wireless?

Kurt De La Rosa
Kurt De La Rosa
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Yes, by using a TP-Link. A TP-Link is a wireless extender that, once configured, can make your cloud printer wireless. This will only work with cloud printers that Otter has provided.

TP-Links need to be briefly connected to a router during set-up. Once set-up is complete, they can be disconnected and reconnected to a printer for wireless network access. Our Support team offers step-by-step instructions for these devices to ensure seamless configuration.

Please note: While TP-Links are compatible with wireless hotspots, you’ll need to restart the TP-Link set-up process every time you connect to a new one. For this reason, we recommend using a direct Ethernet connection instead of a TP-Link and hotspot with Otter printers.

If you’d like to order a TP-link from Otter, please reach out to our support team using your Otter tablet or through email at

For assistance with setting up a TP-Link, please refer to this article: Connecting an Otter Cloud (Hardwired) Printer via Ethernet TP-Link

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