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Stefania Sarti
Stefania Sarti
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There are 2 primary reasons as to why sales data may be inaccurate:

  1. You are not using the correct login information for Business Manager. Please check that you are logged into and not After logging into you should only be able to see data for locations that we have login information for and are connected with your account.
  2. Login information for the delivery partner has changed, blocking data from being imported into Business Manager. Please check to make sure both you and the Otter team have the correct login information for the Delivery Partner platforms.

If any data continues to appear to be inaccurate,  please reach out to our Support Team via chat in your Tablet or email us at to have this resolved.

Please include:

  • Store Name + brand name
  • Address
  • Delivery partner login information (including PIN for UberEats)

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