Business Manager data is not accurate

Kurt De La Rosa
Kurt De La Rosa
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There are 2 primary reasons as to why data may be inaccurate:

  1. Data from the delivery partner has not yet been updated. Please allow for 24 to 36 hours for data in Business Manager to accurately populate and reflect any settlements and adjustments made by the delivery service or eater. As a result, please do not compare Business Manager data to live daily sales because values will not always match.
  2. Login information for the delivery partner has changed, blocking data from being imported into Business Manager. Please check to make sure both you and the Otter team have the correct login information for the Delivery Partner platforms.

If any data continues to appear to be inaccurate,  please reach out to our Support Team via chat on your Tablet or email us at to have this resolved.

Please include:

  • Store Name + brand name
  • Address
  • Delivery partner login information (including PIN for UberEats)

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