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How Is My Business Doing?

At Otter, we believe that restaurant owners should be able to focus on the things that are most important to them: their food and their customers. When we rolled out our new Analytics section, our goal was to give restaurateurs the ability to understand how their digital business is performing, across all of their stores and all of their delivery partners, in a single dashboard and at no extra cost to them. With Advanced Analytics, we offer a deeper look into your performance. 

Learn where you’re making, missing, and losing money with Advanced Analytics

Otter Analytics gives you a 360 view of how your restaurant is performing through our best-in-class data & analytics dashboard. Monitor and grow your business performance across multiple brands, locations, and delivery partners—while Otter identifies actionable Analytics to take your business to the next level. 

With advanced Analytics you can find cheat codes for making your restaurant operations more efficient. Access Analytics to understand the why behind order issues, lost revenue, cancellations, and availability details. Accomplish operational excellence and reap the benefits.


  • Order issues - Take a deep dive into your order issue rate and order issue type. Learn what time of the day and what day of the week you get the most order issues so you can take action and stop missing on those sales. With Advanced Analytics you can access:
    • Order issue rate
    • Error charges
    • Store ranking
    • Order issues heat map by day and hour
    • Issue types
    • Product ranking by issue type
    • Channel breakdown by number of issues or error charges
  • Availability - One of your stores was paused during operating hours and you missed some sales? Learn what’s your avoidable downtime or Analytics into the day and time your stores are usually paused and more. Get access to:
    • Avoidable downtime rate
    • Store ranking by down time or missed orders
    • Availability heat map by day and hour
    • Downtime reasons
    • Channel breakdown by total downtime and missed orders
  • Order Cancelation - Get insights into why your orders are getting canceled and learn what are the most common cancellation reasons. Learn:
    • Avoidable cancellation rate
    • Missed sales
    • Total canceled sales
    • Store ranking
    • Cancellations heat map by day and hour
    • Channel breakdown by canceled orders and sales
  • Advanced Reports - With Advanced Reports, we’ve provided our customers with an additional level of granularity and richness in Otter Reports, including the addition of new columns and levels of aggregation to even further support their restaurant’s operations, finances, and performance.

What are the most notable features for Advanced Reports?

The most notable features in the Advanced Reports are the inclusion of financial data points like commissions, payouts, and tips as well as prep times (for Order Manager customers) in the Store performance and Orders details report. These additional fields give customers all of the data they need to efficiently run their business in a single place.

  • Day-by-Day Reporting: Exports your store’s top-line and lost revenue performance broken out by day to build out advanced models.
  • Financial Data: Commissions, Payouts, and Tips give you the ability to consolidate your financial reporting into a single place.
  • Advanced Product & Modifier Reporting: Our new product/modifier report is unlike any other. With this report you’re able to better understand the impact of modifiers on your business & which modifiers pair best with which items.

What are the new Advanced Report features? 

  1. Report Toggle - The report toggle is visible for all Otter Business Manager customers and Advanced Reports users will be able to instantly take a deeper look of their performance metrics.

  2. Much More Data - Users with Advanced Reports enabled will see the additional data points in their accounts. We’ve added the following data points to Advanced Reports.
    1. Store performance: Now you can see your restaurant performance, commissions, and payouts by date and channel.
    2. Order Details: We’ve expanded the order details to include date, fulfillment channel, delivery fees, tips, net fees, payment method, order issues and ratings, prep time, and delivery time.
    3. Product & Modifier: You can now understand your menu better than ever before by analyzing how different modifiers pair with different items and better understand what combinations are most popular.
    4. Lost Sales: You can now see your lost sales by date and time, allowing you to better understand trends and maximize your revenue.
    5. Delivery Metrics: You can take advantage of filtering data by Delivery provider in the "Delivery providers" dropdown selection and see 13 rows with key delivery information within the advanced report.

How much does Advanced Analytics cost?

You can get Advanced Analytics at £20 / mo. / loc (standalone). For Lite and Pro customers: +£10 / mo. / location



Are the reports and data exactly the same as what I would find from my delivery partners’ portals?
You might notice a few differences in how we define the metrics.

How can I learn how to use each of the different reports?
For the most up to date information, please refer to the Otter Help Center.


How will Financials show data that’s been disputed as part of Disputes / Order Remake?
They will not be shown in the Financials - Payouts report.
However, you will still be able to see order adjustments when they go to the details of each pay statement.


I have ideas to make the product better. How do I get in touch?
Please fill out the feedback form so that we can reach out to you shortly.

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