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Kurt De La Rosa
Kurt De La Rosa
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You can manage the specific Dietary facts, such as calories, for the products on your menu directly within Business Manager.


How to use the Dietary Facts Field

  1. Open Business Manager
  2. Open your Menu
  3. Click on an item to edit it
  4. On the "Edit" page, click on the tab "Dietary Facts"
  5. Provide relevant calories information, using the ranged settings
  6. Select the number of servings
  7. Click "Save"

Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Is this feature available globally? No; at the moment, this is only available in the United Kingdom.
Which food delivery applications support this feature? We currently support publishing Calories and Serving Size information to the following OFOs: UberEats/UberEatsAPI, JustEat Takeaway, and Deliveroo.
Does this feature support negative calories? No; not all food delivery applications support negative calories (ie. Ubereats).
Is there a limitation to calories? No, we don't set any limitation for the calorie value.

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