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Merchant App

The Direct Orders Merchant App allows restaurants to set up and manage their Direct Orders experience directly in Otter Business Manager.


  • Online Payments provides operators with the ability to connect their Stripe account to Otter and allow eaters to pay directly when placing an order.
  • Fulfillment mode configuration allows operators to enable delivery, pickup, and dine-in as accepted fulfillment modes on the Eater app.
  • Delivery configuration allows operators to set their preferences at the org or store level for delivery radius, delivery fee, estimated delivery time, and minimum basket size.
  • Payment type configuration allows operators to choose their desired payment methods: Online, Offline, or both.
  • Brand Settings allows operators to upload a logo and banner to be displayed on their Direct Orders site.
  • Store contact configuration allows operators to update their restaurant’s phone number and email address.
  • Publish/Unpublish feature to push Direct Orders storefront live or not.

Eater App

The Direct Orders Eater App is a public-facing web application where eaters can place an online order from their favorite local restaurant for pickup or dine-in.


  • Interactive menu compatible on desktop and mobile devices including restaurants' menu items, operating hours, address, and contact information.
  • Ability to place an order for pickup or dine-in using the Direct Orders link or QR code generated by the restaurant.
  • Option to ‘Pay Now’ using our Stripe Connect integration or 'Pay Later' to pay offline at the restaurant upon arrival. Payment methods are configurable by the restaurant in Business Manager>Direct Orders.
  • Order status page after placing an order providing live updates of order status based on Order Manager workflows including pickup time based on prep time set by the restaurant.
  • Email notification confirming the order and providing the receipt with a link to the dynamic order status page.

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