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What are the benefits of the Otter-Toast Integration?

Otter’s point of sales integration allows orders from your delivery partners to flow directly into your point of sale.  This integration has numerous benefits including: 

  • Allowing all orders to flow directly into your Toast KDS seamlessly
  • Eliminating the manual entry of delivery platform orders into the POS
  • Improving quality of the data by reducing errors from manual entry


What if I worked with another POS provider prior (e.g. Chowly, It's a Checkmate)

Before we schedule a kick-off call, please confirm the following regarding the Prior POS Provider:

  1. Please reach out to the Prior POS Provider to remove integrations from all delivery partners. They cannot just be disconnected, they need to be removed or the delivery partners will not let us connect. Please set a specific time to disconnect/remove the Prior POS Integrator and we can immediately launch the Otter integration.
  2. Please connect with your Delivery Partners to set to “tablet order protocol”. The Prior POS Provider often has you change the order protocol so we’ll need to revert it back to the tablet. The Delivery Partners should be able to confirm/get this done quickly
  3. Similarly, please connect with your Delivery Partners to allow us menu edit access on all Delivery Partners.

To confirm, there is no downtime in terms of accepting orders if you follow these steps, and you can have Order Manager running on the Otter tablet to aggregate those throughout the process, but we cannot link/publish to your Delivery Partners until the above steps are followed.

How does the integration work?

  • Step 1: The operator must add Otter as a user within their Toast environment.  The operator will also request that Toast gives us API access to the back end of the system.
  • Step 2: The operator will create a custom “Otter Menu” in Toast that complies with the integration guidelines. This menu will be their “perfect delivery menu” that will ultimately be published to all the delivery platforms.  Once the operator is ready, the Otter team will review the menu for optimization and compliance.
  • Step 3: After the Otter menu in Toast is finalized, we will publish the menu out to all the delivery partners and replace the existing menus.  This ensures that all items are appropriately mapped with little opportunity for error.
  • Step 4: At this point we can turn the integration on and orders will immediately begin to flow into Toast from Otter.

How should I set up my dining options?

The operator should create an “Otter Orders” dining option within Dining Options settings in Toast.  The behavior should be set to Take Out. 

How should I build my Otter menu?

  1. You will navigate into the edit menus section from the dashboard. Click “Add new menu” and title the menu “Otter Menu”.
    • If you already have a customer facing menu built in Toast, you can deep copy that menu here
  2. Now scroll to groups and click on add > copy existing groups. 

image (8).png

image (9).png

  1. You’ll select all categories (groups in Toast) that are included in the Otter menu and also make sure to check the “Make a deep copy” box in the bottom left.  This will create copies of the items and all modifiers so that you can edit them for your online menu without changing them in any other menus.

image (10).png

image (11).png

  1. Now update any items that need to be updated.  All item names, descriptions, and prices should be cleaned up here as this information will all be pulled through to the delivery platform.
    1. Also be sure to check that all guidelines (described below) are followed and that unsupported features are not being utilized.
  2. Do you intend to use the Toast KDS/Printer or an Otter Printer?  
    1. If Otter printer - no action is needed. 
    2. If Toast printer - ensure that this menu is printing to the correct station. Navigate to the Otter menu page and select appropriate prep station

image (12).png

  1. Finally, we’ll go to Kitchen Setup from the dashboard and make sure to turn on “Print Guest Details” under printer tickets so that the customer name and address is printed on the tickets. Save and Publish. 

image (13).png

The important thing to note about building this Otter menu in Toast is that the structure needs to be supported by all of the delivery partners. For that reason, there are a few guidelines that should be followed:

  • Use Base Pricing only for all items.

image (14).png

  • No double nested modifiers (modifier within a modifier)
    • I.e. if a chicken slider is the item, and there is a size modifier for 1, 2 or 3 pieces.  We can’t then add a size specific modifier to that selection.  We would need to create items for 1 slider, 2 sliders and 3 sliders and create modifier groups for each of those items as applicable.
  • Do not use subcategories.  If you have subgroups these should generally be created on the group level for the purposes of this integration.
  • No negative modifiers. 
    • I.e. if you have a sandwich with bacon, there cannot be a modifier to remove bacon and save $1 off the price of the sandwich

How should I set up my payment options?

In order to turn on the auto-close/auto-tender feature, we will need your team to log in to Toast using this link. For privacy reasons, we do not have access to your login credentials. 

Within your Toast account, please go into the account under the Active Employees section. Within the account, please go to the Access Permissions setting. Please toggle from Inherit to Override and check the box. Per the image below, please make sure the Payments Setup permission has been checked off. 

image (15).png

image (16).png

From there, once you've finished modifying the settings, select Submit. Please let us know that this has been completed as we will check to see if you have created payments for each delivery partner. If you have, we will be able to map those payment types to the corresponding orders/tickets. If not, please go to Other Payment Options in the Payments section in Toast.

Once there, click add and create a Payment option with the name of each delivery platform that you use. For Require Manager Approval, select No. 

The rest is up to us, we will then map those payment types to the corresponding orders/tickets and we will automatically tender and close on your behalf, so you or your staff will no longer need to! 

How do I set up multiple menus through Otter? i.e. lunch and dinner?

Our new Multiple Menus feature allows you to build multiple time-based menus that we will then publish out to all connected delivery platforms and integrate directly with your POS. This feature is a premium only feature, so if you are not a premium customer and are interested in expanding your menu offerings please respond back to the sender of this email and someone will reach out to you shortly!

How can I make sure that orders are printed via my Toast printers?

Within the Otter menu that we have created, you are able to assign those orders to specific prep stations just as you would normally. 

How are payment options, revenue centers, dining options and ticket closing handled?

We offer the option to automate the assignment of payment options, revenue centers and closing of tickets for all orders that come via the integration.  We do not yet automate the assignment of dining option, all orders via the integration will route to the Otter Orders dining option. 

What do I do if I don’t see customer names and details printed on my receipts? 

From the main Toast dashboard navigate to “Kitchen Setup” under Kitchen / Dining Room Setup and make sure that “Yes” is selected for Print Guest Details


Where can I see reporting on my online orders from Otter within Toast?

All Otter orders flow through a single dining option. (Note: The dining option selected will be dependent on your setup).

You can also filter to get more detail by selecting Source from the more menu then selecting API from the drop down menu


What details are included with the orders injected into Toast?

Orders injected into your Toast POS will include the following information:

  • Delivery Partner name
  • Delivery Partner order ID
  • Order Details:
    • Menu Items
    • Item Quantities
    • Modifiers
    • Special Instructions
  • Order Subtotal and discount
  • Customer Name (depending on the data made available by delivery partner)
  • Customer Phone Number (depending on the data made available by delivery partner)

What details are not included with the orders injected into Toast?

Orders injected into your Toast POS will not include the following information:

  • Tax (calculated based on tax rules configured in Toast)
  • Order Total (calculated within Toast)
  • Information will not be passed through toast but is available in Otter Business Manager

What will orders look like in the reporting section of the Toast dashboard?

What will my Toast receipts look like?

I want to see the sales numbers for delivery platforms - reduced by commission for the delivery partners, is that possible?

Unfortunately we do not yet support that.  However, our Business Manager product houses all of that information and works great in conjunction with our POS integration. 

Post Go-Live

What happens if an order is not injected? 

If there is ever an issue with an order and the order cannot be injected into Toast, then that issue will be surfaced in the Otter tablet (screenshot below).  The order will stay in the Incoming tab even after acceptance. This will be very infrequent but if it occurs then the order can be manually entered into Toast.


Who do I contact if there is an issue with the integration?

Please contact with any questions or issues regarding the integration.

How do I 86 an item?

  • Otter allows you to update the item availability from Toast and reflect it automatically to all delivery platforms. 
  • You can also 86 instantly directly from the Otter tablet across all delivery platforms

How do I make a menu update?

How to publish a menu from POS to Otter Menu 

Frequently Asked Questions

If orders are auto-accepted in Otter, does the order need to be acknowledged in the POS?

  • The order will automatically print at the appropriate time without any action from the store. To appear in the reporting, the ticket needs to be assigned a payment type and closed out.
  • If orders are on auto-accept then the order will be imported into the POS at the time of acceptance.

How will the orders print? Autoprint?

Orders will autoprint when they are injected into Toast.

How do scheduled orders work?

Orders will automatically be imported into Toast from Otter 30 minutes before the order is scheduled to be picked up.

What if an order is cancelled by the customer?

Order cancellations are not reflected through the integration. If an order is cancelled, the cancellation will be surfaced in the Otter tablet, after which the order should be manually cancelled in Toast.

What if we don’t accept an order in time?

The order will be rejected on the delivery partner platform. For this reason, we recommend keeping your store in Auto-Accept mode, when possible.

If Otter loses connection to my point of sale, will my delivery accounts be taken offline?

No, your orders will continue to be executed within the delivery partners and within Otter. However if the integration is offline for any reason, you should manually enter the orders into Toast.

What if I need to make an adjustment to an order? (e.g. add chicken)

Adjustments to the order that require a change to the amount charged to the customer will need to be completed by contacting the delivery support team directly. Once adjustments to the collected amount are complete, adjustments may be made from the point of sale.

Do I have to use an Otter printer? Can I?

Once the integration into Toast has been completed all orders will print through your Toast printer. An Otter printer is not necessary but is still available to use if you’d like.

Can I get rid of my Otter tablet after the integration is complete?

This is not recommended as the Otter tablet gives you the ability to 86 items, to pause and unpause your store and to chat into support. Additionally, if there is ever an issue with an order not being automatically pushed into the POS, the order injection error will appear in the tablet to notify you of the issue and allow you to manually enter into the POS.

Does it show the Courier and Customer information in the POS? On the POS Receipts?

The included information will vary across delivery partners, based on the order data provided in each order.

Where will I see special instructions in the POS? POS Receipts?

Yes, the special instructions will be included in the order details

Will it show which delivery partner the order is from?

Yes, the delivery partner name and delivery partner order ID will be included in the order details once injected into Toast.

How are tips accounted for?

  • Tips collected in the delivery partner platforms will be routed directly to the third party courier and will not surface in your Toast POS
  • Tips addressed to the restaurant will reflect in the POS

How is sales tax accounted for? Directly from the app or does Toast compute a sales tax that may not match the exact Sales Tax that the app collected?

Sales tax is computed within Toast based on the tax rules that have previously been set up in Toast.

What Tender is used to close the delivery app sales?

Most customers choose to apply all online orders to a cash or house account or they choose to create custom tender types for each of the delivery platforms.


If you need additional help or information, you can contact support via the following:

  • Chat - Our live agents are available 24/7 to help you through your Otter device. Tap the chat button on the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Telephone or SMS/text - Call or text us anytime at 1-888-681-8837 for prompt service from our support experts.
  • Email - Fill out this form and our support team will respond via email within 24 hours.

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