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The Otter Helpline is a new call line that allows new Otter customers to contact a Specialist at any time within business hours. When you call, it is our priority to complete all activation steps required to get your account fully active. This includes essential steps like initial hardware setup, publishing your menu, logging into Order Management & Otter Dashboard, and much more!
If you’re new to Otter and have questions, please call our line at any time during operating hours. We’re happy to assist!

:mobile_phone: Phone Number: (704) 396-8837 #3

:clock1: Operating Hours: Daily: 6am-11 pm PST


What are some reasons I can contact if I am new to Otter?

  • Specialists can assist with initial hardware setup, hardware delivery issues (i.e. missing hardware), publishing your menu, Order Management & Otter Dashboard login information, and much more!

Can I call this line to ask questions about my POS integration?

  • We cannot answer questions about POS integrations on the line at this time, but can set up a call between you and your dedicated POS specialist if you’re waiting to hear from them.


If you need additional help or information, you can contact support via the following:

  • Chat - Our live agents are available 24/7 to help you through your Otter device. Tap the chat button on the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Telephone or SMS/text - Call or text us anytime at 1-888-681-8837 for prompt service from our support experts.
  • Email - Fill out this form and our support team will respond via email within 24 hours.

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