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Otter’s new Order Management showcases a brand new order feed view and navigation panel to manage all your orders with ease! Available Tuesday, September 12th at 2AM PST.


Here are the top 3 new features that will improve your Order Manager experience:

  • Navigation: The new homepage lets you move between apps with ease.
  • Color-coded order tags: Keep order statuses accurate with tags showing how much time is left to complete them.
  • Enhanced order notification: Make accepting orders & adjusting prep times easier with our simplified alerts.

With this upgrade, you’ll see:

  • Improved speed for increased order efficiency.
  • More user-friendly design, making order workflows seamless.
  • A new homepage, letting you access more features in one place.




Previous experience:
Navigation in top left with hamburger menu linking to different pages within your Order Manager.

download - 2023-08-18T142908.866.png

Pilot experience:
Navigation panel will open to reveal app navigation. When clicked, you will be directed to each app page, e.g. orders or menus to take action*

*No changes have been made to current menus, analytics, storefront, financials experiences.

download - 2023-08-18T143540.995.png


Order Feed

Previous experience:
All orders were in the same scroll including POS, delivery & dine-in.

download - 2023-08-18T143918.320.png

Pilot experience:
Tags for courier status & time to complete are visible for all delivery orders and show green, yellow and red to indicate urgency.

Clicking on an order will show more details- easily navigate to each section of the order by tapping “Order”, “Courier” or “Eater”

download - 2023-08-18T143926.950.png

For questions or concerns about this new Order Manager upgrade, please reach out to us at We’re excited to make your orders even better!

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