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Order Manager - How to Setup your Tablet

This video is a walkthrough of the Order Manager interface to help you set up your tablet




Navigating the User Interface

Feature / How to use Additional Information 

Accessing Order Manager

You can access Order Manager on the pre-configured tablets we provide to you or on your own device. To access Order Manager on your own device, you will need to log into  with the credentials provided to them during their onboarding phase.


Order Manager & Business Manager

You can access OM via a direct link within RBM located on the profile icon on the top-right side of the window.


Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 09.27.51.png


  • Clicking the home icon in the upper left corner of your screen will bring you to the home screen.
  • Your home screen will give options to navigate around your apps and pages within Order Manager.
  • Choose “Orders” to see your order feed.
  • Contact support via the chat button in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Messages from Otter will show up in your “Notifications”.
  • You can get a quick view of your storefront status, orders and menus on your home screen.

download - 2023-08-18T170429.538.png

Select location/facility

If there is access to multiple facilities, you can change the location/facilities from account setting.

  • Click the profile icon on homepage, then select Settings
  • Click Account, then click "change location"
  • Select a location from the list

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 16.42.08.png

Screenshot 2023-11-17 alle 09.55.35.png

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 14.38.04.png

Facility Picker

(Applicable if OM user has access to more than one facility)

  • This functionality is automatically turned on for everyone!
    • If you have a user who fits the profile for an affected user and is unhappy, you can add them (via their userId) to the flagship (rule #2) – reach out to Program Managers if you need assistance!
  • This is probably a tool most relevant to Otter Tablet users who have access to multiple facilities
    • Users will not get notifications for facilities they’re not currently using. I would not suggest this workflow for a user who wants to use it for real time order prep and acceptance. They will only get order notifications for the facility they’re currently viewing.

    • If you had a user, who for some reason didn’t want this functionality, we could remove them from the flagship (Please let an Otter Program Manager know if you need this)

  • This works both in the OtterOne app and on the web
  • Remember, the role (cook, otter tablet, brand admin, etc.) doesn’t matter, so long as the role includes the permission for facility order manager
    • This permission is typically an innate role quality for both Otter Tablet and Cook, but you could add it for a different role within your specific organization

    • If you’re unclear on how to edit a role for your specific organization, please contact a program manager!




As an example you could even do it for both a CK facility and a Otter Facility - but make sure you do a combination of the right roles and permissions

Note: If you have a cook user, and want to add access to a non-CK org, please add an Otter Tablet role to this user with the appropriate facility and org!

Log into order manager, and you can select your location:


Orders (Home Page)

  • Displays all active orders of the day
    • Incoming
    • Scheduled
    • In Progress
    • In POS (If activated)
  • Divided between currently being cooked and completed

Orders Feed

1. Navigate to your order feed by selecting the “Orders” app.

2. From this view, you will see options to view your orders as:

    • All
    • Online*
    • Dine-in*
    •  Canceled
      • Simply click the navigation at the top to move through the different views

3. Click on an order to view more details, mark ready for pick up, print & more.

4. Tags on delivery orders show courier status and time left to complete order with gray, green, yellow and red to indicate urgency.

*Online orders will only be shown for customers who have connected delivery services and Dine-in orders will only be shown for Otter POS customers



  • There’s a search bar where you can search by order number, customer name or items
  • There’s also a filter button on the right where you can filter by OFO and status
  • Announcements (at the moment these are sent using a third party called Beamer)
  • Storefront (shows whether the stores are open or closed)
    • Don’t want your users to pause? See this flagship and this one.
  • NiO (at the time of writing, within the Orders Feed you can click a + symbol in the upper right to add a non-integrated order)

download - 2023-08-21T083558.727.png













Order Details

  • Clicking on an order opens that chosen order’s details
  • Displays items/modifiers ordered, courier, and customer info
  • Ability to reprint an order ticket and mark the order ready for pickup

Navigation Menu

  • Clicking the 3 dash icon on the upper left will open the navigation menu

Order History

  • Displays all completed orders


  • Selecting the delivery platform icons on the upper right open the availability menu
  • Toggle a specific brand on/off for each delivery platform or Pause all stores


  • Displays all delivery platforms the selected Brand is on
  • Ability to turn auto-accept on/off, update prep time, and view status of each platform


Order Sales Summary:

  • You can search by today/7 days/14 days, 30 days
  • Will show you total sales, completed orders, AOV (average order volume)
  • Will show you the split between your delivery partners
    • If you click “by sales” you’ll see the delivery partner split by $
    • If you click “by orders”, you’ll see the delivery parter split by amount of orders
  • Allows you to download a CSV

Product Performance:

  • You can search by today/7 days/14 days, 30 days
  • You can see products, amount sold, and total sales
  • You can download by CSV


Order Sales Summary



Product Performance


  • Displays account information and workflow settings


  • You may access the help page at any time. This page provides self-help articles & videos for an array of issues, ranging from tablet issues, printer issues, onboarding questions, POS questions and more.
Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 5.03.07 PM.png


  • You may contact Support at any time by clicking on the Support button on the bottom-left of their tablets. Once they open the page, a bot will ask what it can help with.
  • You may respond to the bot, which will surface related self-help articles or they may tap on Get In Touch to chat with a representative in real-time.
Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 5.01.46 PM.png



download - 2023-08-18T171104.717.png

  1. Navigate to your settings.
  2. Select the “orders” app settings.
  3. Toggle “Auto-Accept” on to turn on automatic orders.
Note: If you need more time for an order, simply increase your prep time to maintain high order acceptance and happy customers with accurate fulfillment times. Notifications will pop up when a new order comes through and you will see newly accepted orders in your order feed.


Manual Order Acceptance

download - 2023-08-21T082941.451.png

download - 2023-08-21T083006.474.png

  1. Navigate to your “orders” app.
  2. On your orders screen, you will see pop-up alerts notifying you of new orders.
  3. Click “Accept” to accept the order.
  4. Arrows in the top right corner will expand order details for further information and allow you to adjust prep time if needed.

Helpful Tips

  • Order details provide estimated delivery time - Adjust prep time to avoid delays if the estimate is inaccurate.
  • Re-print the ticket in the order details.
  • Manual order acceptance increases the risk of canceled orders if you miss acceptance in the allotted time (different for each delivery partner), we recommend turning on auto-accept when possible.


Manage Prep Times

download - 2023-08-21T083513.325.png

There are two ways to manage prep times for your orders.

Individual order prep time management

  • Expand new order notification
  • Review prep time and adjust with the slide bar

Change prep time for all incoming orders

  • From your settings
  • Review prep times per delivery channel
  • Adjust for more or less prep time

Helpful Tips

  • Larger or smaller than average orders are perfect
    for individual order prep time adjustment
  • If you’re busier than normal but still able to accept orders, manage prep
    times for all incoming orders- be sure to adjust for all delivery channels
  • When your store is too busy to accept new orders, use our storefront pause feature to pause all incoming orders


Order Stages

download - 2023-08-21T083558.727.png

download - 2023-08-21T083742.661.png

  1. Navigate to your order feed by selecting the “Orders” app
  2. Order stages are seen as follows:
    • “Cooking” status is displayed after order has been accepted. You can mark these orders as ready to when they are cooked & packed for pick up.
    • “Ready” status is displayed after you have marked the order ready for pick up. You can mark these orders as being handed off to indicate you have given the order to a courier or customer.
    • Order moves to the “Recently Completed” section of the order feed after the “hand off” button has been clicked.
Note: To access recently completed orders, select “Active” and then navigate to the “Recently Completed” section.


Delivery ETA Tags

The Delivery ETA Tag aims to help customers to better understand the estimated courier pickup time for each order.

(compares to
current time)
UI Form/Behavior Image / Example
  • Pick up ETA > 3 mins
  • Courier has not arrived yet
  • Countdown Time Tag

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 18.13.07.png

It is 6 pm now, the courier will arrive at 6:10 pm (in 10 mins).

  • Pick up ETA <= 3 mins
  • Pick up ETA > 0 min
  • Courier has not arrived yet
  • Countdown Time Tag
  • Courier Arriving Tag

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 18.35.37.png

It is 6:07 pm now, the courier will arrive at 6:10 pm (in 3 mins).

  • Pick up ETA >= 0 min
  • Courier has arrived
  • 0 min Time Tag
  • Courier Arrived Tag

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 18.38.15.png

It is 6:08 pm now. The courier is supposed to arrive at 6:10, but actually has arrived already, so the countdown time tag changed to 0.

It is 6:09 pm now (the courier arrived at 6:08 pm), but it has not passed 6:10 yet, so the time tag keeps showing 0.

It is 6:10 pm now (the courier arrived at 6:08 pm), but it has not passed 6:10 yet, so the time tag keeps showing 0.

  • Pick up ETA < 0 mins
  • Courier has arrived
  • Minus Min(s) Time Tag

  • Courier Arrived Tag

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 18.43.06.png

It is 6:11 pm now (the courier arrived at 6:08 pm), and it has passed the original ETA (6:10), so the time tag shows - 1 min (6:10 - 6:11 = -1).

  • Pick up ETA < 0 mins
  • Courier has not arrived yet
  • Minus Min(s) Time Tag

  • Courier Arriving Tag

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 18.46.27.png

It is 6:11 pm now, the courier hasn’t arrived yet, but it has passed the original ETA (6:10), so the time tag shows - 1 min (6:10 - 6:11 = -1).


Order Notifications

Order Notifications are displayed in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
There are 5 types of order notifications:

  • Manual Accept
    • Customers can decline/accept orders from the notification. To see more details or adjust prep-time, customers can select the expander button to expand the notification card. Notification sound lasts for 24 seconds or until the user accepts/rejects an order.
      Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 14.15.14 (1).png
  • Auto Accept
    • Notification rings once (around 3 seconds)
      Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 14.23.45 (1).png
  • Canceled Order
    • Notification rings once (around 1 second)
      Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 14.21.22 (1).png
  • Scheduled Order Activated
    • Same notification sound as manual accept.
      Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 14.20.53 (1).png
  • Order Adjusted Notification
    • Same notification sound as manual accept.
      Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 14.21.02 (1).png


Storefront Pausing

There are two options for storefront pausing

Manual pause

  1. Navigate to the “storefronts” app
    download - 2023-08-21T084018.286.png
  2. Review open storefronts and select which to pause
  3. Select the “Pause” option
    download - 2023-08-21T084026.962.png
  4. Choose how long to pause the storefront.

Scheduled pause

  1. Navigate to the “storefronts” app
  2. Select “Schedule a pause”
  3. Choose storefront(s) to pause
  4. Select time to start pause
  5. Choose reason for pausing
Note: If you choose to pause until the end of the day, your storefront will re-activate in the morning.

POS View

If there any POS integrated, you will see the POS view on Orders app.Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 14.57.06.png

There are 3 major differences between the orders app normal view and POS view:

  1. POS view only support list view, split view is not available

  2. POS view doesn’t have “All” tab

  3. POS view has its own set of status (Not in POS, Sent to POS, Sending, Added to POS)


Besides the normal order notifications, POS view has its unique “Failed sent to POS” notificationScreenshot 2023-10-31 at 15.11.13.png

Order status and order details

There are 4 order status in POS view (1) Sending, (2) Sent to POS, (3) Not in POS, and (4) Added to POS


Sending status is the initial status after any order has been accepted. Orders with this status means that Otter is sending the order to POS.

The primary action button in order details is “Print ticket”. Customer can access other actions (“Mark order as ready” etc.) by clicking the 3 dots button.Screenshot 2023-11-17 alle 09.40.11.png

Sent to POS

After the sending to POS completed successfully, the order status changes from Sending to Sent to POS.

The primary action button in order details is “Print ticket”. Customer can access other actions (“Mark order as ready” etc.) by clicking the 3 dots button.Screenshot 2023-11-17 alle 09.40.34.png

Not in POS

If sending to POS failed, the order status changes from Sending to Not in POS.

The primary action button in order details is “Manually added to POS”. Customer can access other actions (“Mark order as ready” etc.) by clicking the 3 dots button.Screenshot 2023-11-17 alle 09.40.57.png

Added to POS

If the order failed to sent to POS automatically, customer can inject the order manually (outside Otter) to their POS system, and then can go back to Otter to mark the order as added to POS by clicking “Manually added to POS” button in order details. The order status changes from “Not in POS” to “Added to POS”.

The primary action button in order details is “Manually added to POS”. Customer can access other actions (“Mark order as ready” etc.) by clicking the 3 dots button.Screenshot 2023-11-17 alle 09.41.18.png


Managing Item Availability

Marking Items Unavailable

  1. Navigate to the “Menus” app
    download - 2023-08-21T095252.030.png
  2. Select items to mark unavailable
  3. Click “Change availability”
  4. Choose duration of unavailability
    download - 2023-08-21T095305.132.png


  • If you mark an item as “Unavailable today,” it will automatically become available the next morning.
  • Mark items available again in the “Unavailable tab.”
  • Review the delivery channel and partner where availability changes will be made at the bottom of the “Change availability” screen.
  • To make changes to a specific location, select the location prior to marking items unavailable.
Note: If you do not see the availability options, please reach out to our team via the support button in your app.


Marking Items Unavailable For Specific Locations

  1. Navigate to the “Menus” app.
    download - 2023-08-21T095252.030.png
  2. Select a location to make items unavailable from the drop-down.
    download - 2023-08-21T095716.811.png
  3. Select items to mark unavailable
  4. Click “Change availability”
  5. Choose duration of unavailability
    download - 2023-08-21T095305.132.png
Note: Review the location and services where the item will be marked unavailable at the bottom of the screen.



Order History and Reports

Order History


  1. From your order feed, select the “History” view.
  2. Review past orders (30 days).
  3. Click into an order to see details.


Performance Reports


  1. Navigate to the “Reports” app
  2. Review date range, channels and fulfillment mode for business performance report
  3. See additional views for channel and fulfillment performance below


  • View channel and fulfillment performance by gross sales or order volume
  • For more channel/fulfillment information, select “view more”
  • Use this information to help grow your business with the tools in your Otter Dashboard.



Support Chat

If you are Zendesk enabled, you can start the support chat by clicking the chat bubble. After clicking the bubble, you can choose to (1) Chat on this device, or (2) Chat on mobile.Screenshot 2023-11-17 alle 10.18.58.png

Chat on this device

By clicking "chat on this device", you will initiate a support chat on the current device.Screenshot 2023-11-17 alle 10.19.33.png

Chat on mobile

By clicking Chat on mobile, there will be a pop up model with a QR code, you can use your phone or other mobile device to scan the QR code and initiate a support chat on that device.Screenshot 2023-11-17 alle 10.20.02.png

Note: Please note that the conversation initiated on “Chat on mobile “ and “Chat on this device” are two separate conversations, which means the chat history between the two are independent and will not be synced


For questions or concerns about this new Order Manager upgrade, please reach out to us at We’re excited to make your orders even better!

New Order Manager FAQs

Do you have additional questions about the New Order Manager interface? Here are answers to some of our commonly raised questions. If you don't see answers to your questions, reach out to us via phone, chat or email and we will be happy to offer further assistance! 


I need help navigating the new order manager interface 

Since the look and feel of the new interface are different, learning to navigate it can take a bit of time but we are here to help! Here are a few resources that can help you get more familiar with navigating the new interface!

  1. We have a navigation tutorial located in the ‘Settings’ of the New Order Manager that will walk you through all of the new changes. To navigate here, follow the steps below:
    1. Click the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner
    2. Select 'View Tutorial' from the dropdown menu
      1. chrome-capture-2023-12-13 (3).png
    3. A video will appear which will be a series of clickable images, designed to take you, step by step, through the Orders Feed and its functionality. 
      1. chrome-capture-2023-12-13 (1).png
  2. Here are a few resources to help you familiarize yourself with our new and improved order manager  
    1. NEW Order Manager | Otter How-tos
    2. Getting Started with NEW Order Manager


I am missing orders when using the New Order Manager 

We apologize that orders are being missed after upgrading to the New Order Manager. We’ve found that orders can be missed if orders are not set to ‘auto-accept’ or the order was not manually accepted within the timeframe determined by the ordering platform (usually within 3 minutes). Both of these issues can be fixed by adjusting the settings to ‘auto accept. To update your notifications to auto accept, follow the steps below: 

  • Click the profile icon on the homepage and then select 'Settings' in the drop down.
  • Select the “Orders” app settings
  • Toggle “Auto-Accept” ON so that orders are automatically accepted once received.
    • chrome-capture-2023-12-13 (4).png


If your order notification setting are not set to ‘auto accept’, you must manually accept the order (within the timeframe determined by the OFO, usually within 3 mins, or else the order is canceled)


I have No Sound Notification on incoming orders

If you are not hearing the sound notification of new orders, you have the ability to set your notification behavior preferences when using the New Order Manager interface. To set your preferences, follow these steps

  • Click the profile icon on the homepage and then select 'Settings' in the drop down.
  • Select “Notifications” on the settings page and then select the notification type you'd like to adjust from the list of options. 
  • Behavior: You can choose between two behavior options: ‘persistent’ (the notification will not dismiss until you accept or decline the order) and ‘auto accept’ (the notification will dismiss after 3 seconds)

Note: The Persistent behavior is most similar to the old order manager. If you are not hearing the notifications, the persistent behavior is highly recommended

Note: If you select ‘manual accept’, the ‘auto accept’ behavior will not be an option as you will have to manually accept the order before the notification dismisses. 


I have No Sound AND No visual notifications on incoming orders

If you have No Sound AND No visual notifications on incoming orders, the reason is likely that the tablet has an incorrect time compared to the order’s system time. To fix this:

  • Tablet Settings
    • chrome-capture-2023-12-14.png
  • Scroll down and select the 'General Management' section 
    • chrome-capture-2023-12-14 (1).png
  • Select 'Date and Time'
    • chrome-capture-2023-12-14 (2).png
  • Make sure the ‘Automatic date and time’ is toggled ‘ON’ 
    • chrome-capture-2023-12-14 (3).png

If you need additional help or information, you can contact support via the following:

  • Chat - Our live agents are available 24/7 to help you through your Otter device. Tap the chat button on the top right corner of the home screen.
  • SMS/Text or Telephone - Send us a text or give us a call anytime at 1-888-681-8837 for prompt service from our support experts.

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