What is the value of Otter?

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Jessica Barum
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About Otter

Our Restaurant Operating System helps restaurants make more money, delight guests, and navigate the ever-changing world of food—all in one place.

Unique Selling Points

  • Optimize operations with Otter’s order handoff & aggregation solutions, menu management tools, and auto-accept capabilities.
  • Eliminate missed orders and discover insights about your restaurant’s performance through advanced reports.
  • Develop a virtual brand(s), dominate delivery platforms, and optimize your kitchen space —all while multiplying your ROI.

Product Highlights / Features

  • ORDER MANAGER: Get your orders in order - Manage online orders across all delivery apps, adjust prep time on the fly, and enter manual orders into the queue—all from one place.
  • MENUS: Simplify menu management - Automatically sync your menus, manage them across locations, and mark items unavailable in real-time.
  • ANALYTICS: Make better decisions with data - Understand how your restaurant is performing, from back-of-house to front. Learn new business strategies to grow faster and boost potential profits.
  • FINANCIALS: Know where your money is going - Consolidate and break down delivery partner payouts. Ensure taxes tally per store. Easily download all financial data.
  • PROMOTIONS: Automate and pivot promotions - Let Otter run promotions across delivery apps to increase your rankings and reach. Promos self-optimize for maximum performance.
  • HANDOFFS- Orders up and out the door-Keep customers and couriers in the know on order status to prevent overcrowding and make handing off orders as smooth as possible.
  • DIRECT ORDERS: Increase Sales, Not Commission Fees - Give your customers a new way to order for takeout or delivery with Otter’s commission-free online ordering platform, Direct Orders.
  • DIGITAL DINE-IN: More table turnover. - Less labor costs. More than just a QR code. Digital Dine-In allows you to increase sales and efficiency while providing a great dine-in experience.
  • COURIERS - Quality delivery. Cooking great food is one thing…food delivery for restaurants is its own challenge. Ensure your customers enjoy peak tastiness by choosing your own high-quality delivery partners.
  • POS INTEGRATION - Hook up your POS. Streamline your orders.Merge all your online and offline orders into a single system to save time, effort, and money.
  • LIVE MONITORING - Keep up with your restaurant - Monitor how your restaurant is doing with live alerts and real-time views that let you stay on the pulse of your business so you never have to worry about missing issues.
  • VIRTUAL BRANDS: Expand sales with virtual brands. Use one of Otter's brands for your cuisine, and leverage existing inventory to sell a brand people love without worrying about logistics.

Quantitative Results
Results based on typical Otter customer performance

  • Otter customers have a missed order rate of less than 1% when using Auto-Accept
  • Customers save an average of 10 minutes per menu update with Self-Serve 86ing with Otters POS integrations


  • Increase revenue by up to 10% with Otter Promotions
  • Increase ROI by up to 26% with Otter Promotions
  • Increase order volume by up to 6% with Otter Promotions


  • Restaurants with QR code ordering see up to a 40% increase in sales with Otter Dine-In
  • Generate repeat customer rates of up to 23% with Otter Dine-In
  • Customers that sign up for Digital Dine-In see an average monthly sale increase of $2.5K

Live Alerts:

  • Improve sales by an average of $200 per location with Otter Live Alerts
  • Reduce storefront downtime by up to 50% with Otter Live Alerts
  • Increase the number of orders you receive by up to 22% with Otter Live Alerts
  • Increase average monthly sales by up to 23% with Otter Live Alerts

If you need additional help or information, you can contact support via the following:

  • Chat - Our live agents are available 24/7 to help you through your Otter device. Tap the chat button on the top right corner of the home screen.
  • SMS/Text or Telephone - Send us a text or give us a call anytime at 1-888-681-8837 for prompt service from our support experts.

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