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The POS Transactions feature lives in Business Manager within the Financials Application. This feature enables restaurant operators to easily identify all transactions processed via Otter POS or Direct Orders.

Example Image:

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POS Transaction Overview

Features include:

  • Universal filters for

    • Date

    • Stores

    • Channels

    • Payment methods

    • Fulfillment modes

  • Ability to export

  • Total amount collected

  • Transaction table


Transaction Table details



Transaction date

associated date in MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS format

Order ID

The ID for the associated order provided by Otter or Direct Orders


The brand where the order was placed


The specific store location where the order was placed


The method used to place the order (Otter or Direct Orders)

Payment Method

The method of payment used to pay for this transaction

Fulfillment Type

The associated fullfillment type for this order (Dine in, Delivery, Pick up)

Amount collected

The amount the restaurant collected from this transaction. This may be less than the order total if there are

Order Total

The total payment collected for this order. Multiple transactions can make up one order.


The total tips paid for this payment transaction.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of orders does this report show?

  • This only shows transactions processed through Otter POS or Direct Orders.

How often is the report updated?

  • The reports are updated every 15 minutes.

Can this report be exported?

  • Yes! The report can be exported as a CSV.

Is this available in all regions?

  • This is currently only available in regions that support Otter POS.

    • Eg. USA and Canada

Need help? Our support team is available via the following channels:

  • Chat - Our live agents are available 24/7 to help you through your Otter device. Tap the chat button on the top right corner of your POS device. 
  • Telephone or SMS/text - Call or text us anytime at 1-727-268-8471 for prompt service from our Otter POS support experts.
  • Email - Send us an email at and get a response within 24 hours

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