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The Integrations Connectivity Kit in Otter Business Manager is a set of new widgets that allow you to connect multiple locations to delivery platforms with one set of credentials as well as to identify broken integrations and re-connect them.

You can locate this in your Business Manager under Settings > Integrations.

Supported Integrations

Currently, the integration connectivity kit is available for the following integrations:

  • Uber Eats API
  • GrubHub Web
  • DoorDash Web
  • ChowNow API

Multi-Store Connect Mode Widget

What's new?

You can now connect multiple locations with one set of credentials.

How does it work?

1. It connects multiple locations quickly.

Easily link multiple locations using the Connectivity Widget's Connect Mode. Just add your credentials, and connect locations in a snap.

2. It tracks connectivity status.

You can see at a glance which locations are connected and which aren't. Simply check the box to link your Otter location to an integration location using the widget.

3. It shows location matching.

The new User Interface shows which locations are being connected. Your locations on the integration side are automatically paired with Otter locations, all visible in the widget.

Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 12.10.00 PM.png

ChowNow API in the Connectivity Widget

What's new?

You can now connect ChowNow API using the Integration Settings page in Otter Business Manager. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What credentials do I need to connect to ChowNow API?

Your username and password are the only credentials required to connect to ChowNow API.

2. Do I lose access to my ChowNow tablet or Menu Manager when an API is connected?

No, you are not locked out of ChowNow services when an API connection is established. This means that orders will appear in multiple systems and can be accepted from any source.

3. Can ChowNow be connected using Orders App Onboarding?

Not yet but soon!

Repair Widget

What's new?

You can now identify broken integrations and repair them by entering your username and password on the Integration page in Otter Business Manager.

How does it work?

1. It identifies broken connections.

You can now view which accounts have gone offline and reconnect them.Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 9.04.05 PM.png

2. It surfaces reasons for disconnection.

Otter provides clear explanations for why an integration has disconnected, like changed usernames or passwords, or general outages.

3. It drives you to support.

If the issue can't be fixed easily, our User Interface directs you to our Support Form or Chat, ensuring you get the help you need fast.


If you need additional help or information, you can contact support via the following:

  • Chat - Our live agents are available 24/7 to help you through your Otter device. Tap the chat button on the top right corner of the home screen.
  • SMS/Text or Telephone - Send us a text or give us a call anytime at 1-888-681-8837 for prompt service from our support experts.

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