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Stefania Sarti
Stefania Sarti
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The "Automatically increase photo dimensions" feature in Business Manager helps to reduce delivery platform photo issues such as non-compliant or blurry photos by upsizing the item photos to meet the requirements.



  • Automatic Photo Dimension Adjustment: It automatically adjusts photo dimensions to match delivery platform requirements after uploading or importing photos, or adding new delivery platform connections to the menu.
  • Automatic Photo Enhancement: There is the option to enable automatic photo enhancement on the Menu Settings (Otter > Menus > Settings)

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  • Manual Adjustment Option: In case your photos don't meet the requirements, you have the option to manually resize them to ensure they look their best on every delivery platform.


      1. Go to Otter > Menus and select your menu

      2. Select an item to ‘Edit photo’

      3. Upload a new photo

      4. Save the item and the photo will automatically be enhanced.

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  • Smart Memory Functionality: Revert to the original photo and Otter will remember the choice to not adjust the photo in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I revert to the original photo?

Yes, you can select the original photo and our system will remember your decision and not update it in the future.


Is this feature supported on all the delivery platforms?

It is supported on all the delivery platforms that use Otter Menus with photo publishing.



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