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The Direct Orders - Multi-Location feature allows you to efficiently manage multiple stores, enhancing accessibility and customer experience. By providing your customers with easy access to all your locations, you can strengthen your brand presence and increase customer engagement.

How it Works

With the ability to open brand-level links for brands with multiple locations, you can effortlessly improve your online presence. This feature empowers you to streamline the ordering process for your customers, making it easier for them to find and place orders from your various locations.

Within the Customer Ordering Page (Eater App)

  • View different locations that a given brand has available
  • Enables eaters to select from multiple locations of that brand
  • Ability to navigate to ordering link for the different locations
  • Ability to search the nearest location or geolocate based on their current location

Within the Merchant App (in Otter Dashboard)

  • Ability to open the brand-level link if multiple stores are available for a brand 
    • This link will be automatically available to all customers who have multiple stores
  • This is a link that restaurants can now use to attach to the “Locations” page that restaurants generally have on their website that allows their customers to choose from one of the locations

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will this feature be available?

The feature will be available starting from March, 20th.

Is this available to all users?

Yes, this feature is accessible to all Direct Orders customers with brands having multiple locations.

Is there an additional cost for this feature?

No, the feature is included for all users; there are no additional charges.

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