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Explore our Staff tool in Business Manager that merges labor data (shift schedules, time punches) and order data (prep times, order ratings) to offer actionable insights on staff performance and labor efficiency. We support multiple Labor Management Systems (LMS) like Deputy, Homebase, 7shifts, and WhenIWork, ensuring compatibility and ease of access. Optimize your workforce and streamline operations with our intuitive solution.


Homebase labor data

How to integrate Homebase labor data

1. On Business Manager, click on the Integrations Tab > Explore and connect Homebase Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 15.53.50.png
2. in Homebase, navigate to Settings -->API Access and copy the API Key. Keep this tab open. image-20221117-004516.png
3. Return to Otter, and Paste the API Key into the field, and sign in. image-20221117-004748.png
4. Allocate your store in Homebase to your Brand Name and Location Name. image-20221117-011000.png
5. You're all set!  

Deputy Labor data

How to integrate Deputy labor data

1. Log in to your Deputy account.  
2. Find your browser address bar.

Your URL should look like this:

Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 16.01.38.png
3. Copy your Deputy subdomain.

Your Deputy subdomain is the part of the URL before In this example, it's

Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 16.02.26.png
4. Paste your Deputy subdomain into Otter. Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 16.03.21.png
5. Go to the Deputy API access management portal.

To the end of your Deputy URL, add: /exec/devapp/oauth_clients

Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 16.39.16.png
6. Click "New OAuth Client". Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 16.40.04.png
7. Enter "Otter" into "Name" Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 16.42.02.png
8. Enter "localhost" into "Redirect Uri". Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 16.44.26.png
9. Click "Save This OAuth Client". Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 16.45.25.png
10. Click "Get An Access Token". Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 16.46.08.png
11. Copy your Deputy API Key. Your API Key will be a series of letters and numbers. Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 16.57.13.png
12. Paste your Deputy API Key into Otter. Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 16.57.57.png
13. Click "Sign in", then follow the rest of the instructions. Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 16.58.51.png
14. You've connected your Otter and Deputy accounts!  

7shifts data

How to integrate 7shifts labor data

1. On Business Manager, click on the Integrations Tab > Explore and connect 7shifts Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 17.58.51.png
2. In a separate tab, log in to your 7shifts account. Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 17.59.25.png
3. Hover over your profile picture, and click on My Account Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 18.00.04.png
4. In the left-hand menu, Click on Developer Tools Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 18.00.57.png
5. Click Show to display your API Key Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 18.01.32.png
6. Copy your API Key Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 18.02.10.png
7. Return to your Business Manager tab and paste your API Key into the API Key field Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 18.03.06.png
8. Click on Sign in Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 18.03.37.png
9. Now it's time to link your 7shifts stores to your otter stores. First, select the brand you want to link to the store location listed. Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 18.04.09.png
10. Next, link the 7shifts location to your Otter Location Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 18.04.43.png
11. Click on Done Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 18.05.25.png
12. You're all set!  

When I Work data

How to integrate When I Work labor data

1. On Business Manager, click on the Integrations Tab > Explore and connect When I Work Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 18.11.03.png
2. Log in to your WhenIwork account in Otter image-20221119-005826.png
3. Attribute each of your stores to a Brand ID and a Location name. image-20221119-010317.png
4. You're all set!  


Labor Insights

Red box: Labor as percent of Sales

  • This graph takes your labor spend (wages * worked hours for each staff member), and tracks it as a percentage of your sales revenue.
  • The goal metric is currently set globally at 15%. Let us know if you’d like to set this goal yourself!

Yellow Box: Staff Performance

This list ranks individual staff performance on several metrics:

  • Using the dropdown, you can display ranking lists for:
    • Orders/hour
    • Average Prep Time
    • Average Star Rating
    • Order Issues Rate
  • Clicking on the “View Staff Performance Report” opens a more detailed view of individual staff performance - more details on this screen in the Performance section of this page.

Green Box: Labor Hours

  • This chart shows the development of your labor hours in a given period
  • The data is sourced primarily from your timepunch data. If no timepunches are available, it displays scheduled hours.

Blue Box: Staff hours Optimization

  • This chart takes your order volumes for a given period and calculates an optimal staffing rate to meet demand.
  • The chart also compares this optimal staffing rate against the actual staffing rate and calls out days where the kitchen may have been overstaffed.

Purple Box: Orders per labor hour

  • This chart is meant to give operators an idea of labor efficiency over time. each 15-minute bucket is more or less blue based on how many orders are processed per scheduled labor hour.

Performance: Aggregate

The Performance page provides individualized performance metrics for each of your employees.

The main chart shows aggregate statistics, and can display:

  • Orders / hour
  • Average Prep Time
  • Average Star Rating
  • Order Issues Rate

Operators can drill down into individual performance by clicking on staff member names in the table below the main chart.


Performance: Individual Staff Member

When clicking on a staff member on the Performance screen, operators reach the Individual Staff Member Performance screen.

This screen shows a graph comparing individual performance to the average, as well as shift-specific performance data.

Screenshot 2024-03-25 alle 18.25.01.png


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