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Otter POS merchants can now retrieve eater details by searching their phone numbers. This functionality significantly expedites the process of populating eater delivery information within the Otter app, to facilitate smoother transactions.



Search customer
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When merchant place an delivery order, merchant can search eater’s phone number.


Note: Currently, we only support full phone number search. After merchant type in 10 digits phone numbers, the search will be triggered automatically.

Result list
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If there is ANY RESULT returned, customer can:

  1. select an address to view the delivery details, or
  2. create a new address to this number.


If there is NO RESULT returned for this number, merchant can create a new address for this number.



Create address
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By clicking the “Create a new address” button, an address creation modal pops. The phone number entered will be pre-populated.


Delivery details
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After clicking one of the address in the result list, merchant will see the delivery details page. Merchant can:

  1. Click “Change address” to go back to the result list
  2. Click “Add to ticket” to use this address for this order
  3. Leave delivery instructions or clicking “Pencil icon” to edit the selected address.


Edit Address
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The Edit address modal will pop after clicking the “Pencil” button. This modal is very similar to the address creation modal, besides the phone number, all other available information will also be pre-populated.


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