What information is required for menu edits?

Trent Peters
Trent Peters
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Otter Core, Otter Pro, or Self-Serve Customers:

Please visit the How Do I Update My Menu article for step-by-step instructions. 


Otter Essentials Customers:

Menu requests should include: 

  • Existing item name / new item name
  • New item price
  • Descriptions (if needed)
  • Modifiers (if needed)



  • Update: Cheese Pizza
  • New Name: Margherita Pizza
  • New Price: $10.99
  • Description: New York Style Margherita Pizza 
  • Modifiers: Basil ($1), Pepperoni ($2)

We ask for you to outline your requested changes in a CSV file if your menu change requires more than 5 changes. This will help to ensure our team can complete your menu changes in a timely manner and help us to keep track of your changes. 


If you would like to upgrade your account to Self-Serve, Otter Core or Otter Pro, please reach out to our support team and we can help you get started! 


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