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Stefania Sarti
Stefania Sarti
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Restaurant Business Manager provides both data and graph filters for all reports. Listed below are descriptions of the filters and how to access them.

Data Filters

Data Filters are universal filters to empower restaurants to filter through their data as they see fit. The 3 main filters are always located at the top of the screen underneath the title and they are Time Period, Brands & Stores, and Channels.

You can also filter your reports by adding in a custom range as shown below: 

  1. Time Period time_period_filter.png



  1. Brands & Stores brand_filter.png
  2. Channels channel_filter.png

Graph Filters

Graph filters are accessible on the top-right of the graphs and provide additional clarity into the information Restaurants want to see.

  1. Linear vs. Cumulative LC_filter.png
  2. Day vs. Hour DH_filter.png

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