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How do I revert to the previous menu?

Once published, you can't see the previous menu. The best practice is to create the menu, review it and publish it.

Where do I add another item to a modifier?

Go to your Menu > click Items > Add item > Add item name, Description, Price, Add tags, connect it to a category, upload Photo, connect it to a modifier > Save changes.

Can I mark items unavailable from the Menu page?

Yes, you can do it by going to each item.

Can I duplicate the menu?

Not at the moment.

Can I save the menu before publishing?

You can do the changes, save the changes, preview the menu and then publish it.

How can I edit items?

Yes. Click on the item you want to edit and make the changes required.

Where do I change the price per delivery partner?

At the item level. Click on the Item > Add item price > Save changes.

What does "required modifier" mean?

It means that the user would be required to select a modifier to be able to order and checkout.

What does "1 modifier only" mean?

The user will only be able to select one item within that modifier group

What does "up to a maximum number modifier" mean?

The user will only be able to select x number of items within that modifier group e.g select up to 2 proteins.

What does "within a range modifier" mean?

The user will be able to select between 2 and 3 items within the group.

What does "any number" mean within the modifier option?

The user can select an unlimited number of items within that modifier group.

What does "optional modifier" mean?

The user can order without selecting an item within that modifier group.

How can rearrange the category/item position?

1. Go to your Menu > Categories > you can see 4 dots at the left of the categories > put the clicker on top and move the category up or down.
2. Go to your Menu > Categories > click on the category you want to adjust > scroll down to the items in the category > you can see 4 dots at the left of the category > put the clicker on top and move the category up or down.

Where can I assign/unassign items to the modifier group?

Go to Modifier group > Select group > scroll down to modifiers > Add a modifier with the + sign or click the 3 dots at the right and click remove.

Can I delete categories/items/modifiers?

Yes. Click on what you want to delete > scroll down and Delete.

Can I bulk delete items, modifiers, or categories?

  1. Navigate to Items or Categories or Modifiers Group tab.
  2. Select the item(s) you want to delete.
  3. Click on “Delete.”
  4. A pop up will show up- Click on delete to delete the item(s).
  5. The items are now deleted.

Where do I add an item to a category?

First, you need to create the item if it doesn't exist on the current menu. If it does, go to the Category > scroll down to Items > Add item.

Can I recover a deleted menu/items/categories etc?

No. Once you delete them, they will not be possible to recover. The best alternative would be to re-import the menu and adjust again.

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