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Can I make bulk pricing changes?

  • Yes, you can!
  • You can make increases or decreases to prices by percentage or a fixed amount at the item level.
  • The “Price” feature in the Bulk Bar allows you to select one or multiple items and bulk upload the prices.
  • The bulk changes would apply to all locations.

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Navigate to the Items tab


Select one or multiple items. The bulk bar will appear.


Click on “Price” in the Bulk bar


A pop-up will open, select the action you want to perform:

  • Change price everywhere – to increase or decrease the items' default price by a certain amount
  • Change price per channel – to increase or decrease the items' prices by a different amount for each channel


You can choose to toggle between changing the % price or the $ fixed amount


Update the price. If updating by a percentage amount, for certain currencies, you will have the option to round the final numbers.


:info: Option to round up is currently only available for menus in USD or CAD


💡 Tip: You can input negative numbers to bulk decrease the price of your items


Click on “Update pricing” to update.


The prices have been updated!


Publish your menu so that the changes are reflected on all your channels.




Frequently Asked Questions

Can I update the price of my entire menu at once?

  • Yes, you can! Select all items in a menu using the select all checkbox, in the top left of the table, next to the “Item name” heading. You can then bulk update the prices.

Can I update the price of an entire category?

  • Yes! Use the category filter in the top left of the Items tab to filter to a specific category. You can then use the select all checkbox in the top left to then select all items of that category to update.

Can I decrease the price of multiple items at once?

  • Yes! You can input negatives (-) to decrease the price of multiple items at once.

Can I round the final numbers?

  • Yes! If increasing by a percentage amount, you will have the option to round numbers up to the nearest .05 or .09.

    For example, if the price of an item is $12.00, increasing by 10% by itself will increase the price to $13.20. By rounding to the nearest .05, it will round the final number to $13.25.

    Note that this feature is only available for select currencies.

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