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Kurt De La Rosa
Kurt De La Rosa
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What is it?

The Menu Photo Optimization feature allows our customers to know which of their photos are helping or hurting their business.

Photos are a critical component of menus and increase the possibility of an item being ordered, which could directly affect revenue for online restaurants. It has been proven that high quality photos significantly boost sales. As a result, this new feature allows customers to quickly identify bad photos and replace them with high quality photos.

Photo Quality: Image optimization based on photo quality applied to menu items

How does it work?

  • Navigate to Photos tab
  • If a photo is assigned to a menu item, the system will determine if the image is of high or low quality;
    • If low quality, an Insight ✨ badge will appear on the photo thumbnail cards.
  • Click on the photo thumbnail card to edit the photo
  • An Insight banner will indicate why the photo is low quality and how it can be improved - a user can choose to upload another photo to replace the low-quality one
  • You can also edit within the Edit Item tab

Video Walkthrough


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