Connecting a Bluetooth Printer

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To set up your Bluetooth printer, please ensure that your Otter tablet and printer are in close range. Excess distance between the two devices can prevent a stable connection.

Bluetooth Printer Setup

  1. Your Otter tablet should be connected to your business’s main* router network.
  2. Navigate to the Otter One App (an orange icon on your tablet’s homepage). Once you’ve done so, please ensure that you are signed in to the correct Order Manager account – you can verify this in the Settings page.
  3. Find the small gray printer icon at the bottom of your Order Manager dashboard to view your connected printers.
  4. Installing a new printer is easy! Once you tap the "New Printer" button, you can add a printer from any of our supported vendors.
  5. Choose the printer model you want to set up on this screen, or view the complete list of our supported printers.
  6. Find your printer’s model/serial number on the sticker on the back or bottom of your printer.
  7. Choose the proper connection type for your device (i.e. “Bluetooth” if wireless or “Ethernet” if hardwired).
  8. The next screen shows some tips on properly setting up your printer. Use them!
  9. Once you tap "Find My Printer," the Otter app will scan for your printer and show it on the screen for your approval.
  10. Select your printer, and you're all set!

List of Supported Bluetooth Printers

  • Epson TM-m30
  • Epson TM-m30II
  • Epson TM-m30II-H
  • Epson TM-H6000V
  • Epson TM-M50
  • Epson TM-P80
  • Rongta RPP02N
  • Rongta RPP02N-MBU
  • Rongta MP-58R
  • Rongta RP328-E
  • Rongta RP328

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