Connecting an Otter Cloud (Hardwired) Printer via Ethernet TP-Link

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What You Need

  • TP-Link device
  • Printer + Power cord (2)
  • Internet cable
  • Thermal paper
  • Connection card

To connect wirelessly, you’ll need (temporary) direct access to your restaurant’s internet router. You’ll also need an additional smart device (laptop, smartphone, etc.) to complete the process.

Step 1: Connect Power & TP-Link

First, ensure that you have access to your internet router. Then, connect your TP-Link device to a power source using the provided power cord.

Next, plug one end of the provided internet cable into the TP-Link and the other directly into your router. The TP-Link will briefly flash a green light, then stay lit after a few seconds. This stable green light confirms that the TP-Link is receiving an internet signal from your router.


Step 2: Smart Device Setup

Once the connection is established, take your smart device and connect to “TP-Link_” network and enter the 8 digit password/PIN found on your connection card or back of the TPLink.

Next, you will go to your web-browser and go to You should now be prompted to create a password and click submit, this should log you into the TPLink setup dashboard. Please create a password you will remember. It must contain two letters, two symbols, and two numbers.



On the third TP-Link page, choose “Client” for the Operation Mode and click Next. On the following page, choose your network, click “Connect”, and enter your network password (if needed).

On the next page, make sure that “DHCP” is enabled and click “Next”. The final page is a review: confirm the information you’ve entered and click “Finish.” You will see a reboot bar – let this load completely. You may also see a message noting that you are no longer connected to the TP-Link – that’s okay!


Step 3: Printer Setup

After Step 2 is complete, unplug your TPLink from your router and connect it to your printer and a power source. Wait until you see the light on the TPLink turn solid green.


Load your thermal paper roll into the printer. The roll’s paper should be extending out and upwards from the bottom of the printer.


Step 4: Confirm Connection

Turn your printer on. Within a minute, you should receive a ticket that states “DHCP Enable” with an IP Address. This confirms a secure connection.


You can confirm the connection on your tablet by navigating to the Integrations page, which should now show that your Printer connection is “Normal” with a green light.

TP_16.png   TP_17.png

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