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  1. Introduction
    1. How does the integration work?
    2. What delivery platforms are supported in the integration?
    3. What is the process to get the integration up and running?
  2. Setup
    1. Grant API access to Otter
    2. Grant access to your Revel account
    3. Build your delivery menu items in Revel
    4. Mapping your printers/KDS displays in Revel once the menu is ready
  3. FAQ


See the below points to better understand what to expect from this integration.

How does the integration work?

The Revel point of sale integration will allow orders received via your Otter-connected delivery channels to flow straight into your Revel point of sale system. The orders will be passed from Otter to Revel in a format that Revel understands - this means orders can be printed via Revel connected printers, show in your Revel Kitchen Display System, accurately deduct from your inventory and be applied to your reporting and financials.

What is the process to get the integration up and running?

  1. You must add Otter as a user within your Revel environment. You must also request that Revel grants us API access to the back end of the system.
  2. You will build your delivery menu in Revel and we will sync the items you create here to your Otter menu, which in turn is synced to your delivery channel menus. 
  3. You will map all items to their preferred printers in Revel.
  4. At this point we can turn the integration on and orders will immediately begin to flow into Revel from Otter.


Grant API access to Otter

Please send an email to and cc to request that they grant Otter access to your Revel API with the following information:

  • Client name & email address
  • Business name
  • Revel URL
  • Establishment(s) connecting to the Otter Integration

Please note that there is an additional fee imposed by Revel for connecting new API integrations to your Revel account. For further information on this fee, please contact Revel.

Grant access to your Revel account

In order for Otter to be able to integrate with Revel, once we have API access you will need to add Otter as a user in your POS. The steps to achieve this are below.

Add a new role for Otter

  1. On your Management Console [], navigate to Employees and choose Management Console Permissions. You'll see all Roles that have previously been created. To add a new Role, click + Add at the top of the list:

Screenshot 2023-12-04 alle 20.14.33.png


  1. You will be prompted to enter the Permission Set Name which can be set to Otter Permissions.Screenshot 2023-12-04 alle 20.15.17.png


  1. Select Reports, Products, Establishment and Settings from the left hand permissions panel.Screenshot 2023-12-04 alle 20.15.57.png

  2. Activate the Reports permissions for read all, write all and add all as denoted by the arrows above. Scroll down and make the same selections for Products, Establishment and Settings permissions as they are not automatically selected when setting permissions for Reports.Screenshot 2023-12-04 alle 20.17.00.png

  3. Hit Save.

Add Otter as an Employee

  1. In the Management Console [yourdomainname]], click the Employees tab.
  2. Click + Add and choose Add Employee from the drop-down menu.

    Screenshot 2023-12-04 alle 20.17.30.png
  3. Fill out the information for the new employee. The following fields are required:
    • First Name: Otter
    • Last Name: Team
    • Employee Start: today’s date
    • Role: Employee
    • PIN: 1234 (if that's taken, can be any pin)
    • Username: otter.[yourdomainname]
    • Email Address: pos-emea+[yourdomainname]
    • Password: Revelup!0000 (we will change this once we get access)
    • Administrative Permissions Set: Otter Permissions (the one that we previously created)
  4. Once all fields have been filled out, click Save & Close to exit the screen.

Build your delivery menu items in Revel

Full instructions on menu building in Revel can be found here:

If following this method of menu mapping, you will create your delivery menu items in Revel and, via Otter, we’ll sync the menu items you create here with the menu items in your delivery channels. This allows certain item details to be different between your delivery channels and point of sale system, if required.

Create your delivery menu categories

Firstly, you should create a new category in the Products tab in Revel called Otter Menu. We’ll use this name to identify which categories and items we should sync with your delivery channels.

Following that, each category of your delivery menu should be created as a subcategory under the Otter Menu category. If you already have an active menu on a delivery channel, simply recreate those categories here.

Your Otter Menu category in Revel should look similar to the below after completing this step:

Screenshot 2023-12-04 alle 20.18.05.png

Create your modifier groups

Once your category structure is built, you should create any modifier groups that the items on your delivery menu have applied to them. 

To create a modifier group:

  1. Click on Modifiers from the Products page tabs on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Click + Add Modifier Class to add a Modifier Class (modifier group).
  3. Enter a name for the Modifier Class in the corresponding field. 
    1. Please add “CSS - ” to the beginning of the name. This helps us identify which modifier groups to read from when we sync the menu to Otter.
  4. Click the save icon to save the Modifier Class.
  5. Expand a Modifier Class by clicking the icon next to the class name.
  6. Click + Add Modifier to create a Modifier option.
  7. Enter a name for the Modifier in the "Modifier Class Name" field.
  8. Input a cost and price for the modifier, if needed.
  9. Click the save icon located in the upper right corner to save the modifier.
TIP: If you want to save some time building your menu, you may wish to build a single modifier group that contains all modifiers across your menu and apply it to every item that has any modifier group applied to it. This saves you having to build each modifier group individually, but will still allow full product mapping.
Screenshot 2023-12-04 alle 20.18.40.png

Your Modifiers list should look similar to the below when complete:Screenshot 2023-12-04 alle 20.19.10.png

Create your menu items and add to categories

Once your categories and modifiers are built, you should create the items that you’re selling on your delivery channels and add them into the relevant categories.

We must have the following information for each item to be able to map reliably to your delivery channel products:

  • Item name
  • Price
  • Category (should be Otter Menu) and subcategory

Add an item to your delivery menu

  1. Click the Product icon to open up the Products page.
  2. Click + Add in the upper right portion of the screen to open up the new product drop-down menu.
  3. Click Product (Advanced). The product details page will open with the most commonly used product details preselected. 
  4. From the Basic Product Details section on the right side of the page, input the item’s name, description and price
  5. Scroll down in the right side of the page to the Display/Print Options section
  6. Select the item’s category and subcategory from the Main category drop-down
  7. At this stage you can also add additional information such as tax rates and printers, if required. More information on item settings is available here:
  8. When you’ve added all the necessary information for your item, click Save, then Back to Products to return to the Products list.

Apply your modifier groups to your items

The final step to build your delivery menu is to ensure each item has any relevant modifier groups added to it.

To add a modifier group to an item:

  1. Select the Products tab to access the list of categories
  2. Navigate to the required item by clicking into your Otter Menu category, then the relevant subcategory 
  3. Click the “M” associated with an item to apply a modifier group to that item.
    Screenshot 2023-12-04 alle 20.19.44.png
  4. Navigate to the desired modifier group to attach it to the item.
  5. Click Save in the upper right corner to save changes.

Mapping your printers/KDS displays in Revel once the menu is ready

  1. After new items are created once we publish your source of truth menu from Revel, you will need to assign appropriate printer stations to your Revel menu. 
  2. For the first time, it’s easiest to use the import function that Revel provides:
    1. Click Import / Export
    2. Select Products
    3. For Export Type, select Advanced 
    4. Click Export Contents and select Printers from additional fields.
      Screenshot 2023-12-04 alle 20.20.10.png
    5. Next, click on Export to open the Product Export document. Here you will see all new products without a Printer/KDS assigned in column X.  Please enter all printers and KDS displays that should be assigned to the new items. Screenshot 2023-12-04 alle 20.20.51.png
    6. Once complete, save the document and re-upload it. Screenshot 2023-12-04 alle 20.21.16.png


  • What happens if an order is not injected? 
    • If there is ever an issue with an order preventing it from being injected into Revel, a notification will surface in the order details in the Otter tablet. This should not be expected often, but if it occurs then the order can be manually entered into Revel.
  • If orders are auto-accepted in Otter, does the order need to be acknowledged in the POS
    • The order will automatically print at the appropriate time without any action from the store. To appear in the reporting, the ticket needs to be assigned a payment type and closed out.
    • If orders are on auto-accept then the order will be imported into the POS at the time of acceptance.
  • How will the orders print?
    • Orders will autoprint when they are injected into Revel providing you have correctly assigned your printers to your items.
  • How do scheduled orders work?
    • Orders will automatically be imported into Revel from Otter 30 minutes before the order is scheduled to be picked up.
    • These orders will surface in the Otter tablet 60 minutes before ready time.
  • What if an order is cancelled by the customer?
    • Order cancellations are not reflected through the integration. If an order is cancelled, the cancellation will be surfaced in the Otter tablet, after which the order should be manually cancelled in Revel.
    • To enable accurate reporting, cancelled orders should be actioned upon within the point of sale.
  • What if we don’t accept an order in time?
    • The order will be rejected on the delivery partner platform. For this reason, we recommend keeping your store in auto-accept mode, when possible.
  • If Otter loses connection to my point of sale, will my delivery accounts be taken offline?
    • No, your orders will continue to be executed within the delivery partners and within Otter. However if the integration is offline for any reason, you should manually enter the orders into Revel.
  • What if I need to make an adjustment to an order? (e.g. add chicken)
    • Adjustments to the order that require a change to the amount charged to the customer will need to be completed by contacting the delivery channel support team directly. Once adjustments to the collected amount are complete, adjustments may be made from the point of sale.
  • Can I get rid of my Otter tablet after the integration is complete?
    • This is not recommended as the Otter tablet gives you the ability to 86 items, to pause and unpause your store and to chat with support.  Additionally, if there is ever an issue with an order not being automatically pushed into the POS, the order injection error will appear in the tablet to notify you of the issue and allow you to manually enter into the POS.
  • Where will I see special instructions in the POS?
    • Special instructions will be included in the order details.
  • Will it show which delivery partner the order is from?
    • Yes, the delivery partner name and delivery partner order ID will be included in the order details once injected into Revel.
  • How are tips accounted for?
    • Tips collected in the delivery partner platforms will be routed directly to the third party courier and will not surface in your Revel POS.
  • How is sales tax accounted for?
    • Sales tax is computed within Revel based on the tax rules that have previously been set up in Revel.
  • Who do I contact if there is an issue with the integration?
    • Please contact with any questions or issues regarding the integration.


If you need additional help or information, you can contact support via the following:

  • Chat - Our live agents are available 24/7 to help you through your Otter device. Tap the chat button on the top right corner of the home screen.
  • SMS/Text or Telephone - Send us a text or give us a call anytime at 1-888-681-8837 for prompt service from our support experts.

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