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Before You Start…

What are the benefits of the Otter + Clover Integration?

Otter’s point-of-sale integration allows orders from your delivery partners to flow directly into your point of sale. This integration has numerous benefits including:

  • Allowing all orders to flow directly into your Clover POS / KDS seamlessly
  • Eliminating the manual entry of delivery platform orders into the POS
  • Improving the quality of the data by reducing errors from manual entry

I’m transitioning from a different provider. Will this delay my integration?

If you are transitioning to Otter from a service like Chowly, Checkmate, or even using a direct integration supported by Clover, the previous integration must be removed completely from each delivery partner before Otter can begin the integration process. 

If you haven’t already, please follow these steps:

  1. Schedule a disconnection date with your current POS provider.
  2. Contact your delivery partners’ Account Representative/Manager to notify them of your onboarding with Otter.
    • Let them know that you will be receiving orders through “Tablet order protocol” on your specific disconnection date
  3. Notify your Technical Integrations Onboarding Specialist of your desired disconnection and Otter activation dates.


Creating an Otter-Compatible Menu

Please take the time to read this section as it will be crucial to your onboarding timeline.

In order for the integration to be optimized for success, the menus must match on all platforms, including Clover. 

Add any items/categories/modifiers that do not already exist in Clover to your menu exactly as you want the eater to see them. We will be synchronizing these with the delivery app menus so that they will reflect exactly as they are in Clover, giving you the ability to completely control your eater's experience and how your 3rd party menus will appear. 

Otter will import all the items that you have created in the Clover Inventory > Items list.

If you wish to exclude some of the items from the Menu Import, you can do so by following the instructions listed below:

  1. Identify the items you do not want Otter to import in the menu
  2. Edit the items and scroll down to the Orders & Printing section
  3. Apply to the item the Hide from Otter printing label.
    Screenshot 2024-02-22 alle 11.16.01.png
If your menu pricing will be increased for delivery, please notify your Technical Integrations Onboarding Specialist for the next steps!

What if I have items belonging to different Virtual Brands Menu in the same Clover account?

If you want Otter to import specific items for a specific Virtual Brand/s (VB) Menu only, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Printer Labels in the Clover portal and select Add a Label.
    Add Label | Clover POS.png
  2. Create the Label/s you need for your brandScreenshot 2024-02-22 alle 11.16.01.png
  3. Select the checkbox for the virtual brand label you want to attach items to, then open Bulk Edit Options dropdown menu and select Items.Screenshot 2024-02-22 alle 11.18.09.png
  4. Apply the virtual brand label to all items you want to be part of this Menu and select Save.Screenshot 2024-02-22 alle 11.18.59.png
If the item has "HIDE FROM OTTER" label enabled, the item will not be read at all.


Set Up Printing for Otter

To make sure your Clover POS is ready to print Otter orders, please follow the steps below to configure/confirm your Online Ordering printing:

  1. Go to Setup App on your Clover device, and select Online Ordering.
  2. The Online Ordering page displays two tabs - Online Orders and Settings; Select Settings.
  3. Skip setting prep time; go to Choose a Firing Device and select a station as the primary device.
  4. Next, go to Choose a Firing Printer.
      1. Option 1
        If the Clover user has a label assigned to each item, select Option 1 and select the printer.
      2. Option 2
        If the Clover user does not use labels, select Option 2 and select the printer.
Warning: do not choose both Options 1 and 2, or Clover will print the order twice to the kitchen.


Reporting FAQ

Where can I see reporting on my online orders from Otter within Clover?

The Reporting section in Clover will show you all of your restaurant’s sales, including all Online sales successfully injected through the Otter POS Integration. 

What details are included with the orders injected into Clover?

All item level information will be injected into Clover as received by the Delivery Platforms. This means prices, modifier selections, notes/adjustments, and delivery platform.

What details are not included with the orders injected into Clover?

The customer phone number may not be provided by the delivery platform to Otter and therefore will not be included on the ticket or in the KDS at times. 

Additionally, promotions applied at the delivery platform level will not be displayed in the sales information in the POS. This may cause issues with orders showing as ‘Partially Paid,’ resulting in the manual closure of these orders. The orders are still paid in full from the delivery platform.

How can I make sure that orders are printed via my Clover printers?

Otter has the ability to print to your default Station or Order Printer, as part of our integration. Please make sure your printers are fully connected to your Clover POS and installed correctly. For additional information, please contact Clover Support at +1 (844) 864-5449.

How are tender type, revenue centers, and ticket closing handled?

We have the ability to automatically close your orders out once injected. These orders will be closed out to delivery-specific Tender Types in Clover.

What do I do if I don’t see customer names and details printed on my receipts? 

You can check on the order in the Otter Tablet to see if there is more information that the POS will not display. If it is not there, it has not been passed along to us from the Delivery Platforms.

What will orders look like in the reporting section of the Clover dashboard?


I want to see the sales numbers for delivery platforms - reduced by commission for the delivery partners, is that possible?

Unfortunately we do not yet support that when orders inject into your Clover POS.  However, our Business Manager product houses all of that information and works great in conjunction with our POS integration. 


Post Go-Live FAQ

What happens if an order is not injected? 

If there is ever an issue with an order and the order cannot be injected into Clover, then that issue will surface in the Otter tablet. This should not be expected often, but if it occurs then the order can be manually entered into Clover.

Screenshot 2024-02-22 alle 11.20.25.png

Who do I contact if there is an issue with the integration?

Please contact our support team through the Otter chat or phone.

How do I 86 an item?

  • If you are an Otter Premium customer, you will be able to 86 instantly directly from the tablet across all delivery platforms
  • Please note: 86-ing inside Clover will not automatically carry over to the delivery platforms. However you can set the item availability in Clover and have it reflected on your delivery platforms by using the POS Menu Update from Otter.
    Set the automated item availability updates
    Run the manual items availability updates.

How do I make a menu update?

If you’d like to make a menu update, you can do so following the same menu rules mentioned above and applying the following process:

  1. Adding new items/modifiers: The addition of new items should be made directly in the Otter menu within the POS exactly as they are intended to be displayed on the delivery partner menus (Item names, descriptions, available modifiers, etc.)
  2. Editing existing items/modifiers: Updates to item names, prices, and available modifiers should be adjusted directly in the Otter menu within Clover.
  3. Permanently removing items/modifiers: Before making changes, items should be 86’d from the delivery partner accounts by submitting a request with the Otter support team. Removals made on the Otter menu in the POS will reflect on the delivery partner menus once the menu updates are completed by the Otter team.
  4. Once menu updates are complete in Clover, please publish the menu within Clover, then email to publish the menu changes.  The Otter team will publish the updated menu to all delivery platforms within 24 business hours.


Additional FAQ

If orders are auto-accepted in Otter, does the order need to be acknowledged in the POS?

The order will automatically print at the appropriate time without any action from the store.  To appear in the reporting, the ticket needs to be assigned a payment type and closed out.

If orders are on auto-accept then the order will be imported into the POS at the time of acceptance

How will the orders print? Auto-print?

Orders will auto-print when they are injected into Clover. 

How do scheduled orders work?

Orders will automatically be imported into Clover from Otter 30 minutes before the order is scheduled to be picked up. These orders will surface in the Otter tablet 60 minutes before ready time. 

What if an order is canceled by the customer?

Order cancellations are not reflected through the integration.  If an order is canceled, the cancellation will be surfaced in the Otter tablet, after which the order should be manually canceled in Clover.

To enable accurate reporting, canceled orders should be actioned upon within the point of sale.

What if we don’t accept an order in time?

The order will be rejected on the delivery partner platform. For this reason, we recommend keeping your store in Auto-Accept mode, when possible.

If Otter loses connection to my point of sale, will my delivery accounts be taken offline?

No, your orders will continue to be executed within the delivery partners and within Otter (via the Otter tablet or Order Manager webpage). However if the integration is offline for any reason, you should manually enter the orders into Clover.

What if I need to make an adjustment to an order? (e.g. add chicken)

Adjustments to the order that require a change to the amount charged to the customer will need to be completed by contacting the delivery support team directly. Once adjustments to the collected amount are complete, adjustments may be made from the point of sale. 

Do I have to use an Otter printer? Can I?

Once the integration into Clover has been completed all orders will print through your Clover printer(s). An Otter printer is not necessary, but is still available to use, if you’d like.

Can I get rid of my Otter tablet after the integration is complete?

This is not recommended as the Otter tablet gives you the ability to 86 items, to pause and unpause your store and to chat into support.  Additionally, if there is ever an issue with an order not being automatically pushed into the POS, the order injection error will appear in the tablet to notify you of the issue and allow you to manually enter into the POS.

Does it show the Courier and Customer information in the POS? On the POS Receipts?

The included information will vary across delivery partners, based on the order data provided in each order.

Where will I see special instructions in the POS? POS Receipts?

Yes, the special instructions will be included in the order details.

Will it show which delivery partner the order is from?

Yes, the delivery partner name and delivery partner order ID will be included in the order details once injected into Clover.

How are tips accounted for?

Tips collected in the delivery partner platforms will be routed directly to the third party courier and will not surface in your Clover POS.

How is sales tax accounted for? Directly from the app or does Clover compute a sales tax that may not match the exact Sales Tax that the app collected?

Sales tax is computed within Clover based on the tax rules that have previously been set up in Clover. 

What Tender is used to close the delivery app sales?  

Every delivery platform will have their own Tender Type when the connection is established with Otter. Please notify your Technical Integrations Onboarding Specialist if you’d like to use different Tender Types for your integration.

If you need additional help or information, you can contact support via the following:

  • Chat - Our live agents are available 24/7 to help you through your Otter device. Tap the chat button on the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Telephone or SMS/text - Call or text us anytime at 1-888-681-8837 for prompt service from our support experts.
  • Email - Fill out this form and our support team will respond via email within 24 hours.

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