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Experiencing issues with your Kiosk and seeing an error message like "Kiosk Temporary Unavailable"? Don't worry! Follow this guide to troubleshoot and resolve these error messages swiftly.



  1. Card Reader is not turn on or charging.
  2. Card Reader is not connected to the Kiosk.
  3. Disconnected to Wifi.


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By following these steps, you can resolve common issues with card reader connection and Kiosk detection efficiently.

Card Reader Not Turning On or Charging

  1. Turn on the card reader.

  2. If the card reader isn't turning on or holding a charge:

    • Use a pushpin or pen to restart the card reader by pressing the reset button on the right side handle of the cradle.

    • If it still doesn't charge after a few minutes:

      • Open the back panel of the connection box and pull out the card reader power strip.

      • Plug it into a power outlet to quickly charge and turn on the card reader.

  3. Once the card reader is on, the Kiosk should automatically detect the card reader connection.

Kiosk Did Not Automatically Detect the Card Reader

  1. Manually pair the payment terminal:
    • Hold the top middle of the Kiosk display for about 5 seconds.
    • A pop-up message will appear: "Enter Admin PIN".
    • Enter the Admin PIN to access Admin Settings: 641804
  2. Navigate to Terminal Settings:
    • Click on the Terminal section on the left side.
    • Click on "Reset Terminal Pairing".
    • Click on "Terminal Setup".
  3. Follow the guide: Kiosk and Payment Terminal Pairing to connect it again.

Card Reader Not Connected to WiFi

  1. Access WiFi settings:
    • Slide your finger from the left corner of the card reader.
    • Click on "Settings".
    • Enter the passcode when prompted.
  2. Connect to WiFi:
    • On the settings page, click on "Network".
    • Connect to the available WiFi network.
  3. Run a diagnostic check: Ensure the internet speed is adequate for operations.


Need help? Our support team is available via the following channels:

  • Chat - Our live agents are available 24/7 to help you through your Otter device. Tap the chat button on the top right corner of your POS device. 
  • Telephone or SMS/text - Call or text us anytime at 1-727-268-8471 for prompt service from our Otter POS support experts.
  • Email - Send us an email at and get a response within 24 hours

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