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Assigning a Cash Drawer is a feature that assigns a cash drawer to a specific POS user (like a Cashier, or a Supervisor). The action of assigning a cash drawer is performed at the very start of a shift, at the time the cash drawer is opened.

Once a cash drawer has been assigned, only that specific user's pin code (or a Supervisor pin code to override), can complete cash transactions on that open drawer. Think of assigning a cash drawer like a way to prevent any member of a restaurant team from opening, closing, and processing transactions from the cash box.


How to Assign a User to a Cash Drawer

When opening the cash drawer, any Otter user at the current location can be assigned to the drawer directly, by opening up the Drawers app on the Otter homescreen.


Step Instructions Images
1. Navigate to the drawers app. 2acb121c-bf8b-4f3e-bb12-e567e08052c5.png
2. Start a new drawer. 2adad336-4226-4f4a-aee1-89eaddf65fea.jpg

In the modal, you'll notice a new option called "Checkout Access."

  • By default, all cashiers are allowed to use the drawer.

4. To assign the drawer to a single user, select that user from the dropdown that appears. 28603a13-cc3f-43e7-90ec-3eb173d53536.jpg
5. Start the Drawer as normal.  


Checking out when a Cash Drawer has been assigned.

Once a cash drawer has been assigned, if a team member other than the assigned user attempts to process a cash transaction, an error message Approval Needed will appear on-screen.

How to proceed:

  • The User that the cash drawer has been assigned to must be logged in to the POS to process the cash transaction.
  • A Supervisor user pin code is required to override the setting and process the transaction.
  • The currently-assigned cash drawer can be closed, and a new user can be assigned.
Step Instructions Images

Build a cart and click pay now as normal.

  • If the current logged in user is who the drawer is assigned too there will be no change in experience.

If someone else is logged in, using the cash button will show a warning and need a manager's override.

NOTE: To view which user has been assigned to the cash drawer, access the Drawers app and select the Current tab.
  • The Checkout Access tab will display the name of the current user assigned.
  • The user assigned will also display on the report created at the time the drawer is closed. 

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