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On the Integrations page, you will see 2 sub-sections:


  • Shows existing connected integrations
  • Shows specific stores (within the integrations) and their status
    • You can see if there are connection or feature issues (e.g. menu, order issues)
  • You will be alerted in case of invalid creds that are impacting core features
    • You will be able to adjust/change credentials if they are wrong
  • You will see a warning banner if there are critical errors (e.g. order importing is not working)
  • You will be able to create new stores if you have the credentials of the eligible delivery services.

Fixing Integrations Within the Connected Tab

Within the Connected tab, an integration requiring attention is displayed in the Needs attention section with the number of impacted locations displayed in red. If the issue can be resolved by reconnecting with your delivery partner accounts, you will be able to select Reconnect and re-enter the credentials so that the integration can be reconnected.


To re-connect a broken integration follow the following steps:


Click in to Profile icon and then Settings

Expand the Integrations tab and then select Connected

For an integration with a Needs attention status, click Reconnect

In the pop-up window, all accounts requiring reconnection will be displayed. Select Reconnect and complete the process for each account.

Input your delivery platform admin credentials and click Continue
When prompted for a two-factor authentication code, input the security code sent to your designated email or phone number configured for two-factor authentication on the delivery platform. Click Continue
Click Done
Refresh the screen to see the integration move back to a healthy state.


Contact Support to Fix Integrations

For integration issues that cannot be fixed in the Connected tab, a Contact support option will be available. Selecting this option will open an Otter Support contact form. Proceed to complete and submit this form, including the specific integrations requiring support to reconnect.


  • Shows potential delivery services that you can set up
    • Click on the delivery service provider you are looking to connect
    • Input your delivery service login information
    • Select the location you would like to add the integration for
    • DONE!


If you need additional help or information, you can contact support via the following:

  • Chat - Our live agents are available 24/7 to help you through your Otter device. Tap the chat button on the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Telephone or SMS/text - Call or text us anytime at 1-888-681-8837 for prompt service from our support experts.
  • Email - Fill out this form and our support team will respond via email within 24 hours.

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