Dine-In: Open Tabs

Kurt De La Rosa
Kurt De La Rosa
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  • Open tabs is the ordering workflow where a customer does not need to pay upfront to create a dine-in order.  
  • Eaters can choose to select items and place an order, then iteratively continue to add items to the same order.  
  • Additionally, the operator/FOH staff can also choose to update the order if requested by the eater.  
  • At the end of the service, the customer can choose to pay and close the tab.



  • Ability to enable or disable open tabs for dine-in orders


  • As part of the Open Tabs ordering experience, eaters can:
  • Scan an ordering QR code to create a digital order
  • Create an open tab (order first, eat, pay later) workflow or pay first eat later workflow (as it is today)
  • View their open order and tab side by side
  • Add more items to their order
  • Submit additional orders to an existing tab
  • Close out their tab and pay online or in person, depending on merchant settings.
  • View any additional changes made by the operators/cooks



  • As part of the Open Tabs ordering experience, OM operators and cooks can:
  • Get notified about open tab orders (created before payments)
  • Mark open orders ready/complete
  • Adjust open tab orders by adding/removing items and increasing item quantity.
  • Cancel an open tab
  • Mark open tab orders as closed (needed for offline payments)
  • View ordering timelines
  • Get alerted when a tab has been open for 2+ hours


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