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Printer Overview

Learn about the different printer options available to choose for your business needs. Otter has select cloud and bluetooth printers available for full purchase or monthly lease. Otter encourages customers who already have their own printer to see if their device is compatible to use with our software.

Here is a chart of common terms used to describe the printer hardware options with our software.

Cloud Printer Local Printer BYOD
A printer sent by the Otter team to customers that is preconfigured and is not set up in the Otter application. A printer on the supported printers list that can be set up and used with the Otter application. Bring Your Own Device


Cloud (Hardwired) Printers

Cloud printers are commonly referred to as “Hardwired Printers” because they require hardwiring (ethernet) to get online. These printers are preconfigured and delivered by Otter before you receive it.  Orders will begin printing once the printer is connected to a power source and the internet! This a great printer option for customers who have printers very far from the tablets or no tablet at all.

Which Cloud Printer Models Does Otter Offer?

Otter carries Epson TM-M30 NT or TM-T88vi Cloud Printer models.

Can I Make My Cloud Printer Wireless?

Yes, this is possible by using a TP-Link!

A TP-Link is a wireless extender that, once configured, can make your cloud printer wireless. This will only work with the cloud printers Otter has provided.

TP-Links need to be briefly connected to a router during set-up. Once set-up is complete, they can be disconnected and reconnected to a printer for wireless network access. Our Support team offers step-by-step instructions for these devices to ensure seamless configuration.

PLEASE NOTE: While TP-Links are compatible with wireless hotspots, you’ll need to restart the TP-Link setup process every time you connect to a new one. For this reason, we recommend using a direct Ethernet connection instead of a TP-Link and hotspot with Otter printers.

Please reach out to our Support Team if you’d like to order a TP-link from Otter.

How Do I Connect My Cloud Printer With A TP-Link?

Please check out this articles on instructions to connect your printer with a TP-Link

How Do I Connect My Cloud Printer With An Ethernet Cable?

Please check out this articles on instructions to connect your printer with an ethernet cable

Can I Use An Ethernet Splitter?

Direct router/ethernet connection is the most reliable. Splitters, switches, and extensions are secondary connections that can present intermittent connection issues or an inability to connect at all. We don’t recommend them unless absolutely necessary.

Bluetooth (Local) Printers

Bluetooth printers are commonly referred to as "local printers" since they require proximity to a tablet connected to the internet to work effectively. We recommend printers being within 10 feet from the tablet. The bluetooth printers connect directly through the Otter app in the tablet.

What Bluetooth Printers Does Otter Offer?

The models we offer depend on which printer type you need. We offer Bluetooth Receipt Printers and Bluetooth Label Printers.

Can I Connect More Than One Bluetooth Device?

Yes, you can set up more than one bluetooth device within the Otter app settings.

Bluetooth Receipt Printer

Which Bluetooth Receipt Printers Do You Offer?

The Bluetooth Receipt Printers models provided are Epson TM-m30ii or Rongta RP328

How Do I Connect My Bluetooth Printer?

Please check out these articles on instructions to connect your Bluetooth Printer:

Bluetooth Label Printer

Is This Printer Available In My Region?

This printer is currently only available to US customers.

Which Bluetooth Label Printer Model Do You Offer?

The Bluetooth Label Printer model provided is Rongta RP310

What Type Of Printer Paper Do Bluetooth Label Printers Need?

Bluetooth Label Printers support use a 2.5” x 1.5” (60x40 mm) label size.

Otter sends each printer with one full roll. You may purchase additional paper from Otter for only $35 for a 10pack or you can order via most online retailers. 

Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) Printers

You may have already purchased your own printer or plan to. See which models are compatible with our software.

What BYOD Printers Can I Use? 

If you have an Otter tablet or have downloaded the Otter app on your own Android device, you can bring one of the following printers supported by our app:

  • Epson TM-m30
  • Epson TM-m30i
  • Epson TM-m30ii
  • Epson TM-m30iii
  • Rongta RP328
  • Rongta RP310
  • Rongta 410
Can I Connect a Non-Otter Cloud Printer?

This type of printer is preconfigured and must be provided by Otter in order to print your store’s orders, thus you cannot bring your own. If you have interest in Cloud printing, please reach out to us using the info at the bottom of this page!

General Printer Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Lease or Purchase a Printer?

Please reach out to our Support team for the most up to date pricing.

What Type of Printer Paper Does My Printer Need?

Printers use Thermal 2.1, 3 1/8" x 273' (80mm x 83.21m) rolls unless stated otherwise.

Otter sends each printer with one full roll. You may purchase additional paper from Otter for only $35 for a 10pack or you can order via most online retailers.

How Do I Load the Printer Paper?
Step Process Detail
1 Open the roll paper cover
2 Install the roll of paper in the correct direction
3 Pull out some paper, and close the roll paper cover

For Epsons: When the printer power is on, the roll of paper is automatically cut

For Rongtas: Turn on the printer and manually tear off the paper with its cutter

Does My Printer Need Ink?

No ink will be needed. Otter provided printers are thermal, which means they use heat to print on the receipt.

Can I Route Different Items To Different Printers?

Yes, we can route different items to different printers. For more information please reach out to our Support team.
What Happens If My Printer Isn't Working?
Please check out the relevant article to troubleshoot your device:

What Happens If I Need A Replacement?

To replace your printer, please contact our Support Team.

Our team usually attempts to first troubleshoot the device with you. If we can’t get it to work, we’ll be happy to send a replacement.

*Please note: replacement fees may apply.

How Do I Return My Printer?
A Return Label will be provided to be used by a common mail carrier in your region. Please read below for clearer instructions dependent on your return reason.
Return Reason Process
  • Replacement Device

A pre-printed return label will be included in the box of the new equipment.

Please let your support representative know if you'd like the return label emailed as well.

  • Printer No Longer Used
  • Moving to BYOD
  • Account Closure
A return label will be emailed to you. Please print the return label and attach it to the hardware return package.
Can I Return More Than One Item With My Return Label?
Yes. Please package all items in one box and use the pre-paid label.

If you need additional help or information, you can contact support via the following:

  • Chat - Our live agents are available 24/7 to help you through your Otter device. Tap the chat button on the top right corner of the home screen.
  • SMS/Text or Telephone - Send us a text or give us a call anytime at 1-888-681-8837 for prompt service from our support experts.

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