Otter POS: Assembling your Kiosk and Payment Terminal

Lyre Montesines
Lyre Montesines
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Discover step-by-step guidance in this article to effortlessly set up your Kiosk. From assembling the pieces to pairing it with a payment terminal and configuring your account, we've got you covered for a seamless start!

Items needed for assembling Kiosk and Payment Terminal:

  • Samsung Connection Box
  • Samsung Professional Display
  • Samsung Floor Stand or Wall Mount (optional)*
  • Stripe Payment Terminal (WisePOS E)
  • Cradle for Payment Terminal
Please don't hesitate to reach out to support if you are missing any of these items.

Kiosk Setup

Step 1 - Setting Up Your Connection Box

Step Instruction Image

Inside your Samsung Connection box, you should find:

  • Connection Box

  • Power Strip

  • One Connect Cable

  • Terminal Adapter

  • Bag of Screws

If anything's missing, reach out to support!

Screenshot 2024-05-09 075136.png

Samsung Connection Box


Connection Box


Power Strip



One Connect Cable

7924d4f1-ed43-4d1f-9d06-9b452b08e99f (2).jpg

Terminal Adapter


Bag of Screws


Flip the Connection Box front-side down to open the back panel.


Remove the Back Panel.

Tip: Best to start from the bottom left corner.


Connect the One Connect Cable to the Kiosk Board.

Tip: Ensure it's firmly connected by giving it an extra push.


Kiosk Board


One Connect Cable


Place the Power Strip on the metal plate in front of the Kiosk Board.


Back Panel

44e0ee79-fbee-47aa-bf7f-a33a044900e1 (1).jpg

Power Strip


Weave the Power Strip cable through the bottom of the Connection Box.

PLEASE NOTE: No need to turn on the Power Strip just yet!



Connect the black Printer Power Cable to the Power Strip.

Tip: It's taped to the metal sheet in front of the Kiosk Board, so remove the tape for easier access.



Your Connection Box is all set! Put it aside for now and let's move on to the Kiosk Display!"


Step 2 - Setting up your Kiosk Display

Step Instruction Image


Inside your Samsung Professional Display Box, you'll find:
  • Display Screen
  • Display Power Cable
  • RS232C1 Adapter (not needed for Kiosk Setup)
If anything's missing, reach out to support!

Screenshot 2024-05-09 083435.png

Samsung Professional Display Box

Screenshot 2024-05-09 083603.png

Display Screen

f2267fca-e8e7-484b-9b47-5e5b5aaeb6ef (1).jpg

Display Power Cable


RS232C1 Adapter

2. Open the back panel of the Display Screen.
  • Face the display screen down and pull from the bottom edges.
Tip: Start by pulling up from the small opening at the base of the panel.
f52592ec-40bc-48bd-a0b9-cedcfe3b58d8.jpg 755b82aa-a275-467f-98cd-c89d36b5b0ec.jpg
3. Connect the Display Power Cable to the Display Screen.


Display Power Cable connected to the back panel of Display Screen

4. Weave the cable through the cable channel.
Tip: After weaving, flatten out the cable for a secure fit.
5. Your Connection Box is ready! Set it aside for now, and let's move on to Connecting the Connection Box and Display Screen!  


Step 3 - Connecting Your Kiosk and Display Screen

Step Instruction Image
1. Before we bring everything together, let's handle some wiring.  
2. Remove the Sticker from the Front Panel of the Connection Box. Screenshot 2024-05-10 004307.png
3. Feed the one connect cable through the Front Panel of the Connection Box. 7e422b0a-8c0b-490d-b5c1-1a1703f3b0d3.jpg
4. Connect the one connect cable to the back of the Display Screen. 8a9d80ab-015b-459f-981a-a41ea4ec31d7.jpg

Now, let's unite the Kiosk components:

  • Slide the Display into the Connection Box.
Tip: Apply pressure until there's no gap between the two.
Screenshot 2024-05-10 004750.png
IMPORTANT: Secure the Display by screwing in two screws (from the Screw Bag) to the top corners of the Connection Box.
Screenshot 2024-05-10 005014.png Screenshot 2024-05-10 005025.png

Weave the Display Power Cable through the channel on top of the Connection Box.


Connect the Display Power Cable to the Power Strip.


Re-attach the Back Panel to the Display.

  • Don't re-attach the Back Panel for the Connection Box – we still have more work to do back there!

You've successfully connected the Connection Box and Display Screen. Now, let's power it up!


Step 4 - Powering Up Your Kiosk: Thermal Printer Setup and Kiosk Wizard Installation

Step Instruction Image
1. Connect Power Strip to power outlet and turn it on. Screenshot 2024-05-10 045433.png

Easily access the Kiosk drawer by following a simple tab pull.

  • Find the tab on the front left of the Kiosk, push it, and pull out the drawer.
Step 01.png

Press and hold the power button to turn on the display.

Tip: Double-check cable connections if the display doesn't turn on immediately


Screenshot 2024-05-10 045900.png
Setting up Thermal Printer:

Add Printer Paper:

  • Insert paper between orange "hooks" and feed it through the black slot.
Tip: Fully extend the drawer to lock it in place for easier paper roll insertion.
Screenshot 2024-05-10 050206.png e688b03a-0007-4c59-aa10-0d3ee34f03a1.jpg

Feed Printer Paper:

  • Open the paper receiver, place paper inside, and close it. Paper will feed automatically.
Setting up Kiosk Wizard
6. Select language and next choose Basic Setup for Clone Product.
5b5f0d55-2338-428a-8630-60f639560aac.jpg e5239905-a097-4237-814a-3e20e4577790.jpg
7. Connect to your Wireless Network and install Kiosk from the USB Device dropdown (no USB needed).
Screenshot 2024-05-10 052257.png
Screenshot 2024-05-10 052247.png

Connect to RM Server with server address, TLS, and port settings.

  • Credentials:
    • Server address:
    • TLS: Use
    • Port: 7002
Screenshot 2024-05-10 052446.png

Set TemporaryID to the Facility Name and leave Group Code blank.

Tip: For the TemporaryID and Facility Name please make sure "no spaces". For the Group Code just leave it blank and simply tap "Next."
Screenshot 2024-05-10 052739.png

Set the Date and Time accurately for the Kiosk.

Tip: Precise timekeeping is crucial for Kiosk functionality.
Screenshot 2024-05-10 052739.png
You're all set!

Tap Done to go to the Kiosk home screen.

Tip: Note down the Serial Number displayed in the Menu for future reference.


Screenshot 2024-05-10 053233.png


If you see this screen after turning your Kiosk on, you may have accidentally downloaded the Kiosk app.

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Simply tap and hold the bottom right corner of the Kiosk screen.
  • Enter the passcode "0000".
  • Tap "Home" to bring Kiosk back to the correct setup.

If you are still having an issue, please reach out to support!



Payment Terminal Setup

Step 1 - Setting up your Payment Terminal

Video Walkthrough


Step Instruction Image
Things Needed
  • WisePOS Terminal
  • Power Cable
  • Battery Pack
  • 10x Screws
  • Cradle for Payment Terminal
  • Flat and Philips Screwdrivers
If anything's missing, reach out to support!



Payment Terminal


Power Cable


Battery Pack







Turning on Your Payment Terminal

On the back of the Payment Terminal install the battery.

  • Apply pressure to the lower left corner to open the back.
Screenshot 2024-05-10 063614.png
3. Re-attach the back panel. fd9cfe41-80e1-4054-be68-9e6bc7519613.jpg
4.  Connect the Power Cable. 252fbc01-ff77-4ee5-8ba5-3e741b20a18b.jpg

Turn on the Payment Terminal:

  • Press and briefly hold the power button until the screen lights up.
    • Ignore on-screen setup for now.
Tip: If it doesn't power on, try charging via USB charger. Remove the QR Code sticker on the front.
Screenshot 2024-05-10 064034.png

Setting Up the Cradle

CAUTION: Do not drill with the Payment Terminal inside the Cradle.

To access the Payment Terminal's power button, drill a hole in the Cradle. Seek expert help if unfamiliar with power drills.

  • Combine the two cradle components and measure 1.3 inches (33 mm) from the Power Adapter "wedge" base.
  • Mark the drill spot and use a low-speed power drill to create a small hole.
Tip: A larger hole ensures easy access to the power button.
Screenshot 2024-05-10 065036.png
Screenshot 2024-05-10 065149.png
Screenshot 2024-05-10 065255.png

Place the powered-on Payment Terminal inside the Cradle.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 065418.png

Enclose the Payment Cradle with the second Cradle piece.

Tip: Thread the Power Cable through the opening.
Screenshot 2024-05-10 065512.png

Secure the Cradle with 6 screws, prioritizing the 4 corners if short on screws.

Tip: Use 2 black screws from the kiosk screws if needed.
Screenshot 2024-05-10 065658.png

Your Payment Terminal is now set up! Let's add it to the Kiosk.


Step 2 - Cradle Installation

Video Walkthrough


Step Instruction Image
1. Unscrew the 4 screws to remove the front panel from the Connection Box.
Screenshot 2024-05-10 070853.png Screenshot 2024-05-10 070915.png
2. Attach the Cradle to the Terminal Adapter with two screws, aligning the corresponding holes.


Terminal Adapter

Screenshot 2024-05-10 071014.png

Insert 2 screws

Screenshot 2024-05-10 071020.png

Payment Terminal

3. Thread the Payment Terminal Power Cable through the Terminal Adapter. Screenshot 2024-05-10 071843.png
4. Guide the Payment Terminal Power Cable through the hole in the Kiosk's front panel. Screenshot 2024-05-10 072239.png

Add a USB Charging Block to the power strip, adjusting plugs if needed. Connect the Payment Terminal Power Cable to the Charging Block.


  • Kiosk does not include a Charging Block! Use a tablet charger or purchase one.
  • Ensure the charging block outputs at least 10W of power (5V-2A).
  • If you're unsure whether your charging block outputs 10 Watts, check the output line printed on it:
    • It should show at least 5V-2A.
      (To find the wattage, multiply the Volts (V) and the Ampere (A)).

Screenshot 2024-05-10 072323.png

Screenshot 2024-05-10 072422.png Screenshot 2024-05-10 072447.png
6. Secure the Terminal Adapter to the Kiosk with the 4 black screws removed in Step 1. Remove the adhesive strips from the Terminal Adapter.
Screenshot 2024-05-10 073424.png 828d6f40-7cb5-4e07-862a-b8e6bf1998dc.jpg 0d277426-6d6f-4eed-b8ac-c73e31f6df09.jpg
7. Install a silver screw from the Screw Bag into the bottom right corner hole of the Kiosk to secure the Terminal Adapter. Screenshot 2024-05-10 073616.png
8. Re-attach the Back Panel to the Connection Box. Screenshot 2024-05-10 073723.png
9. Your Cradle Installation is complete! Let's proceed to pair your payment terminal with the Kiosk. 2f47267a-dee7-409c-a940-720117631b27.jpg

Kiosk and Payment Terminal Pairing

Quick Setup Guide

Step Instruction Image
1. Turn on the Kiosk and wait for the Login screen to appear.  
2. Click "Enter password instead". Contact support if you see the Samsung wallpaper instead (right column in image).
7728eda1-c533-4f40-94dd-08d8a4d66a85.png 2e1673ca-764b-4abe-972b-2524b02afba4.png
3. Log in to the Kiosk app using your facility credentials, the same email and password you use for other Facility applications. b1ca17a8-3a2a-4364-89da-8f4293a0a2e1.jpg
4. In "Payment Terminal Setup", tap "Next Step", then tap it again.
651ab555-618a-4892-837a-a66e4eb581dd.png f9781781-d14f-415e-83f3-abe7ad6c7218.png

Connect the Payment Terminal to WiFi and tap "Next Step".

PLEASE NOTE: Stripe account is needed to successfully pair the payment terminal to the Kiosk.

Swipe from the left edge of the Payment Terminal screen to bring up the Menu.

  • Enter the Admin PIN - 07139.
    • Tip: Write down the Admin PIN (07139) somewhere safe.
7. Tap "Generate pairing code" and then tap "Next Step" on the Kiosk.  
8. Enter the Pairing Code from the Payment Terminal into the Kiosk. 31465501-3e01-4579-a269-6a66fd8e36c1.png
9. Tap "Verify Code". If you see a "Code verified" confirmation, tap "Next Step". 055122e7-7076-4111-95f7-c13448b74d33.png
10. Setup Complete! Tap "Next" again and place a test order to ensure everything works correctly.
84910960-b92b-48ea-ab0e-4499aae46d4b.png b323f3c6-6708-4ecb-9753-257a4085cedd.png

Kiosk Admin Screen

How to access Kiosk Admin settings in screen display

Step Instruction Image
1. Hold the top middle of the Kiosk display for about 5 seconds. Screenshot 2024-06-05 010452.png

A pop-up message will appear: "Enter Admin PIN".

  • Enter the Admin PIN to access Admin Settings: 641804
Screenshot 2024-06-05 010539.png

It will now redirect you to the Kiosk Terminal Settings.

  • Terminal settings: to check terminal
  • Store Filter: to check brands
  • Printer settings: to test printer
  • User Info: to logout of Kiosk
Screenshot 2024-06-05 010620.png

Kiosk Floor Stand and Wall Mount Setup

Floor Stand

The Quick Setup Guide included in the Floor Stand box by Samsung should offer clear instructions for installing the Floor Stand.

If you encounter any problems or have questions, please reach out to support!

Wall Mount Bracket

We highly recommend hiring a professional contractor to help with the Wall Mount installation, which follows a process similar to mounting a TV on the wall.


If you encounter any problems or have questions, please reach out to support!

⚠️ Having trouble pairing your Kiosk?

Follow the instruction below on how to pair your Kiosk:

Pairing device troubleshooting guide

Step Instruction Image

If you're unable to pair your device, log in to the Kiosk Login page using your Facility credentials:

  • Use the same email and password you use for other Facility applications.
b1ca17a8-3a2a-4364-89da-8f4293a0a2e1 (1).jpg

Log in to Otter Business Manager to pair the Kiosk.

PLEASE NOTE: The credentials that you are using should have a role permission of "Otter Admin".
Screenshot 2024-05-10 083612.png
3. In Otter Business Manager, go to Settings -> Devices. 1821c059-61db-4564-b5d2-381de6bb9dbe.png
4. On the devices page, click the "Add new device" button. 08b12275-268e-4d91-a777-e855b963e92c.png

Enter Pairing Code by typing the random code from the Kiosk, into the Otter Business Manager modal.

  • These are time-limited, and will regenerate after ~10 minutes.
6. After entering the code, it will redirect you to Select location permission page. Make sure to select the correct location. 00413afb-5e54-4ecc-b65c-e49af9638303.png
7. Name the Kiosk. ded7886a-c836-47f2-8332-6178b1e3c2c3.png

Kiosk is Connected.

  • Return to the Kiosk to continue, with payment terminal setup.
  • It may take ~30 seconds to switch to the next step, and should happen automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

My orders are not printing

Please check if the printing paper is properly installed, which can be followed here: Kiosk Setup: Step 4 - Powering Up Your Kiosk: Thermal Printer Setup and Kiosk Wizard Installation

Is there a way to change the language?

As of the moment, it is not yet available.

The payment is not working or loading

  • Please try to restart the card reader by holding on the right side using a pen or push pin.
  • Always make sure that the card reader has a battery charge.
  • You may check this article for more information on how to troubleshoot your card reader.

Need help? Our support team is available via the following channels:

  • Chat - Our live agents are available 24/7 to help you through your Otter device. Tap the chat button on the top right corner of your POS device. 
  • Telephone or SMS/text - Call or text us anytime at 1-727-268-8471 for prompt service from our Otter POS support experts.
  • Email - Send us an email at and get a response within 24 hours

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