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Kurt De La Rosa
Kurt De La Rosa
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What is  Trial Account?

You can sign-up for a free trial account with Otter to learn about all of the benefits and functionality our product has to offer your business!

Trial Account FAQ

  1. Am I eligible for the free trial?
    1. All US restaurants who are not/have not been Otter customers are eligible for the free trial
  2. What is included in the free trial?
    1. Most of our Pro suite is included in the free trial including Order management, Menu, Management, Analytics and Live reporting
  3. What is not included in the free trial?
    1. Boost, Virtual Brands and POS integration
  4. I’m interested in Boost, Virtual Brands and POS Integrations - how do I get those set up?
    1. Please contact our Support Team via chat, phone, or form - we’d love to help you!
  5. How long does the trial last?
    1. 14 calendar days
  6. What happens if I upgrade during the middle of my trial?
    1. Your selected bundle will be activated, but the free trial still continues for 14 days. After 14 days, you’ll be on your new Otter bundle!
  7. What happens at the end of my trial if I do not upgrade?
    1. You will lose access to your Otter account and reports until you choose a paid plan
  8. What do I still have access to after the trial if I do not purchase a bundle?
    1. You will not have access to any portion of your account if you choose not to continue with Otter after your trial
  9. Do I lose access to my data if I choose to not upgrade after the trial?
    1. Yes
  10. Do I need to give you my payment information before I start the trial?
    1. No. You will not enter your payment information until you choose to upgrade to a paid plan
  11. Do I need my delivery app credentials to use the trial?
    1. Yes. You will need to enter your credentials for all delivery apps for us to aggregate your orders and provide accurate reporting
  12. I want to add another store to Otter, how do I do that?
    1. Head to the Integrations tab on the left menu navigation, where you should be able to add a new store!
  13. Who do I contact if I run into issues with the trial?
    1. If you run into any issues, fill out this form and our support team will respond via email within 24 hours.
  14. Can I change my bundle after I’ve signed up?
    1. Yes! Please fill out this form and our support team will respond via email within 24 hours.

If you need additional help or information, you can contact support via the following:

  • Chat - Our live agents are available 24/7 to help you through your Otter device. Tap the chat button on the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Telephone or SMS/text - Call or text us anytime at 1-888-681-8837 for prompt service from our support experts.
  • Email - Fill out this form and our support team will respond via email within 24 hours.

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